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Why plumbers need social media management

Did you know that most people spend the majority of their time online on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram? They’re not just watching their friends’ Stories or following their loved ones, either. They’re using social media to find new brands and local businesses.

Plumbers who want to maximize their impact need to build a visible presence where their customer base already spends their time. That’s why social media management has become such a critical plumber marketing channel.

An effective social media marketing strategy for plumbing businesses can increase brand recognition, build a following, develop valuable community connections and, ultimately, drive plumber leads and sales.

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7 benefits of social media management for plumbers

1. Increase brand recognition

If someone has an immediate plumbing need, like a burst pipe or a broken water heater, they’re not going to take their time finding a plumber. They’re going to call the first plumber they think of. Through social media management, plumbing businesses can build critical brand recognition and become the go-to in their community.

2. Build community connections

Having a strong local presence is important for the success of any local business, and plumbing businesses are no exception. Social media is the perfect place to start building a stand-out local presence. By promoting community events and local nonprofits, joining local groups and engaging with people in your area, you can build valuable community connections.

3. Showcase your expertise

If someone has a major plumbing project planned, they’re going to put a lot more thought into who they work with. To win these plumbing leads, you need to show them that you’re the right plumber for the job. By sharing before and after photos, client testimonials and other social content that showcases your expertise, you can win high-value plumber leads.

4. Humanize your business

Trust is big when it comes to hiring a plumber. After all, plumbers work in people’s homes and businesses. They need to know they can trust you before they invite you in. One of the best ways to build trust is by using social media to humanize your brand. Share pictures and videos of your real team, highlight outstanding technicians and more.

5. Drive traffic to your landscaping website

Having a highly convertible plumber website is incredibly important for modern plumbers, but even the best web design won’t do you any good without website traffic. Social media management can help plumbers drive valuable traffic to their websites, leading to more plumber leads and sales.

6. Get to know your customer base

The better you know your customer base, the better you’ll be able to market to them. There are many ways a plumber can use social media to get to know their customer base and maximize their overall marketing strategy. These include asking questions, posting surveys, monitoring social media mentions and engaging with followers.

7. Win leads and customers

The right social media marketing strategy for your plumbing business won’t just help you increase your visibility and brand awareness, but it will also drive plumber leads and sales. With effective social media management, plumbers can turn social media followers into lifelong fans of their business — earning loyalty for years to come.

The best social media platforms for plumbers

Google Business Profile

Google is the world’s largest search engine — and also where most people start their search for a local plumbing business. In order to rank in Maps listings, which appear near the top of the page, a plumber needs a verified and optimized Google Business Profile listing. Get reviews and post regularly to keep your Google Business Profile active.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and the best part is that it’s popular with people of all ages, making it ideal for plumbers. Done correctly, Facebook marketing can help plumbers build a more visible, recognizable brand, forge valuable community connections and so much more.


LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for professional networking. Not only does LinkedIn marketing play a critical role in B2B marketing for commercial plumbers, but it’s also valuable for helping plumbers connect with other local businesses to form partnerships. These partnerships can help to expand your customer base and maximize your success.


Instagram is an image-based social media platform that’s very popular, especially among younger people. With Instagram marketing, plumbers can share photos and stories of their plumbing services in action, run targeted ad campaigns and generate plumber leads for their business.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine and a valuable marketing channel for modern plumbers. By taking advantage of YouTube marketing, plumbers can share how-to and informational videos, customer video testimonials and more. Just make sure you use the right hashtags and optimize your videos for YouTube SEO.


How to make your plumbing business's social media profiles stand out

Choose the right profile picture

When someone comes to your social media profile, the profile picture is the first thing they’ll see. That’s why it’s important to choose a profile picture that’s representative of your plumbing business. A high-quality picture of your logo, truck wrapper or uniformed team can all be great profile picture options.

Write an engaging bio

Your bio is your chance to tell your social media followers who you are and what you do. It shouldn't be too long or overly wordy, and it needs to be engaging, easy to read and professionally written. Also, make sure that you use relevant keywords in your bio to help your plumbing business get found.

Ensure brand consistency

From Facebook to Google Business Profile, there are many social media platforms you can and should build a presence on for your plumbing business. But, it’s important to ensure that your brand is represented consistently across each one. That means using the same colors, logo, tone of voice and more across your social media profiles.

Use relevant keywords

Many social media platforms, like Facebook and Google Business Profile, double as local business directories, and people use them to find plumbers and other local businesses. To get found in relevant searches, you need to make sure that you use relevant keywords in your social media profile and posts.

Establish a voice for your business

Building a brand personality for your plumbing business can make you stand out from the crowd and be more memorable with people in your community. Establishing a consistent voice for your plumbing business across all of your social media profiles can help you do just that.

Post high-quality content

No one wants to follow a plumbing business on social media that’s constantly posting promotional content. But, many people would follow a plumber who posted content that’s valuable to them in some way, whether it’s educational, informative or even just entertaining. Don’t bore your followers. Post high-quality social content that makes you stand out.

Engage with your audience

Social media is a two-way street, which is what makes it unique and is a big part of its charm. Too often, brands on social media just talk at their followers, but if you want to make the most of social media marketing for your plumbing business, you need to engage with them. This means responding to comments and questions, sharing user-generated content and more.

Use social media management software

Finding time to stay active on social media isn’t always easy. Social media management software, like the Marketing 360® Social app, can help you stay active while saving time. With the Social app, you can schedule out your social content for the day, week or even month, as well as monitor and maximize your plumber social media management performance.


What to post on social media for plumbers

Plumbing business updates

Have you recently hired a new technician or office manager? Have you expanded your hours or won a Top Rated Local® award? Your social media followers want to know what’s going on with your plumbing business. Use social media to keep them in the know about your team, plumbing services and more.

Educational content

As a professional plumber, you have lots of knowledge your average consumer doesn’t have but could benefit from learning. Use social media to share tips and advice about plumbing, debunk common plumbing myths and explain the benefits of regular maintenance. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and build trust.


While you shouldn’t focus all of your social content on promoting your business, you can and should post some promotional content. Social media is especially valuable for promoting special discounts and offers you’re running, like a discount for new customers or a preventative maintenance program.

Answers to FAQs

Do you get the same questions over and over again from your plumber leads and customers? If so, other people are likely to have those same questions. Social media is a fantastic place to answer them. This allows you to provide valuable information to your followers, which can help to demonstrate your expertise and experience.

Customer feedback and reviews

Plumbers work inside people’s homes and businesses, and people need to be able to trust you before they’ll work with you. By posting positive customer feedback and reviews on your social media profile, you can harness the power of social proof, build trust and drive high-quality plumber leads.

Relevant news stories

When newsworthy things happen in your area that are relevant to plumbing, like a municipal sewage clog caused by “flushable” wipes or an upcoming freeze that will put pipes at risk, share them on your social media profile. This shows your social media followers that you’re engaged, and allows you to share your professional opinion and advice.

Plumber memes and humor

The best way to build a memorable social media presence for your plumbing business is tap into your followers’ emotions. If you can make someone laugh or cry, they’re much more likely to remember you. One great way to do that is by sharing memes and other humorous social media content related to plumbing. Just make sure to keep it clean and professional.

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Social media management FAQs for plumbers

Why is social media management important for plumbing businesses?

Social media is where most people spend their time online, making it a must-have plumber marketing channel. Social media management can help plumbers build brand visibility and recognition, expand their customer base, build partnerships and community connections, drive leads and sales, and more.

How do you create an effective plumber social media strategy?

The right social media marketing strategy for your plumbing business will depend on your unique goals, as well as who your audience is and where they spend their time. Once you’ve identified these things, you can choose which social media platforms to focus on and start creating social media content with your audience in mind.

What are the rules plumbers need to follow on social media?

When posting on social media, make sure that you always keep it professional, even if you're posting something humorous or informal. Avoid using profanity, making offensive comments or sharing confidential information about your customers. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

How often should a plumbing business post on social media?

How often you should post on social media will depend on a number of factors, including which social platforms you’re using, what your goals are and who your audience is. But, in general, you should aim to post on a regular basis on all of your social media profiles — at least once a day.

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