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Plumber marketing to grow your business

There are hundreds of thousands of plumbers operating in the United States — all competing for similar customers. Unfortunately, failure to stand out in a saturated market is listed among the top reasons why many plumbing businesses don’t make it past the five-year mark.

People need plumbing services all the time. For plumbers, the problem is not a lack of demand but the struggle to get found and stand out from the crowd. That’s where plumber marketing comes in.

Plumber marketing shines a light on what makes your plumbing business unique, helping you to stand out and get ahead of your competition. It gets you in front of the right people — prospective customers specifically looking for the plumbing services you provide — in the right place and at the right time.

5 reasons to use a plumber marketing platform

  • 1. Everything you need in one place: Plumber SEO (search engine optimization), PPC advertising and social media marketing are just a few of the marketing strategies that modern plumbers need to be using. With a singular plumber marketing platform, you get all of the tools and talent you need to manage it all from one place.
  • 2. Streamline your marketing: Plumbers who want to succeed need to be visible across multiple channels and platforms. While your marketing channels can drive some results on their own, they tend to work better together. With the Marketing 360® plumber marketing platform, you’ll have everything you need to launch a streamlined, cohesive marketing strategy across the web.
  • 3. Save time: Between managing their business and serving their customers, modern plumbers have a lot on their plates. Finding time to devote to marketing can be difficult, especially when you manage every marketing channel one by one. Marketing 360®’s marketing platform for plumbing businesses saves time by giving you the ability to manage it all from one place.
  • 4. Save money: From social media scheduling tools to reputation management software, there are many tools a modern plumber can use to market their business. Paying for each of these tools on their own can get pricey, fast. With an all-in-one plumber marketing platform, you get all of the tools and talent you need to grow your plumbing business for one low price.
  • 5. Monitor and maximize your performance: To make the most of your marketing budget, you need to know which channels and strategies are driving the best results for your business. With Marketing 360®’s plumber marketing platform, plumbers can easily monitor what’s working and what’s not so they can make data-driven decisions and maximize their performance.

Must-have marketing channels for plumbers

SEO and content

plumber SEO

SEO and content marketing

When someone needs to have a drain cleaned or pipe repaired, the first place they are likely to look for a local plumber is on Google, Bing or another search engine. In order to get found by these high-quality leads, plumbers need a cohesive, consistent plumber SEO and content marketing strategy.

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Email and text

plumber text message marketing

Email and text message marketing

A prospective lead with a high-stakes plumbing project may not be ready to commit to working with you the first time they’re introduced to your plumbing business. Email and text message marketing can help you stay top of mind throughout the research phase and ensure they choose you. It can also stay relevant with your existing customers and drive repeat business.

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Social media

plumber social media management

Social media marketing

Plumbers who want to make the most of their marketing investment need to build a presence where their customer base already spends their time. These days, that’s social media. Social media marketing can help plumbers build strong community connections, expand their reach, increase trust and drive plumber leads.

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Online advertising


Online advertising

Not only do plumbers need to be visible wherever prospective leads and customers are spending their time, but they need to stand out from the competition. With a smart, targeted multi-channel advertising strategy across the most popular online channels, plumbers can do both, capturing market share and winning leads that would have otherwise gone to a competitor.

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plumber reputation management

Reputation management

As a contractor who works inside people’s homes and businesses, plumbers need to be able to earn trust in order to succeed. One key way to build trust is by getting lots of five-star plumbing reviews and building a strong reputation. By taking an active approach to reputation management, plumbers can build trust and drive success.

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Let us help you conquer key plumber marketing channels

The benefits of working with a plumber marketing team


Do more for less

Plumbers often choose DIY marketing because they believe it saves the most money. However, they end up sacrificing their own time, which takes them off the job and away from serving paying customers. With your own marketing team from Marketing 360®, you can maximize your marketing investment and do more for less.


Free up your schedule

Even with the best marketing tools and software, plumber marketing takes time that many plumbers just don’t have. Since plumbers can’t forego plumbing services, marketing often gets pushed aside for more immediate needs. Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from marketing your business. Free up your schedule by working with a dedicated marketing team.


Stay up to date with the latest trends

The local marketing landscape is always changing, and plumbers who want to get ahead — and stay ahead — of their competition need to be able to keep up. That can be a full-time job in itself, and it’s a big reason to work with a dedicated marketing team. Let the marketing pros focus on the latest marketing trends and keep you up to date.


Maximize your ROI

Most plumbers can’t afford to waste money on a losing marketing strategy. But unfortunately, plumber marketing isn’t already straightforward or cut and dry. By working with the marketing pros at Marketing 360®, plumbers get experience and expertise on their side that can help them maximize their marketing performance and ROI.


Focus on what matters most

Every plumber needs marketing. It’s critical to success. However, marketing is far from the most important part of being a plumber. With the Marketing 360® plumber marketing team on your side, you can spend less time focusing on marketing and more time focusing on what matters most — serving your customers.

Plumber marketing FAQs

Why is plumber marketing important?

Plumbers competing for leads and customers in saturated markets need to be able to get found and stand out in order to succeed. With an effective plumber marketing strategy, you can increase your visibility across popular channels, attract the best plumbing leads, convert them into paying customers and keep your existing customers coming back.

How do you create a plumber marketing strategy?

Every plumbing business is unique, which means that no two plumber marketing strategies should be the same. However, every successful plumber marketing strategy starts in the same place — identifying who your target audience is and what your goals are. From there, you can develop a marketing strategy that works for you.

What does inbound marketing look like for plumbers?

Inbound marketing focuses on getting found by your target audience online, and then turning those plumber leads into customers. It's the opposite of outbound marketing, which involves interruption tactics, like cold-calling and buying leads. Some common inbound marketing tactics for plumbers include SEO, content marketing and social media marketing.

How do you generate plumber leads?

There are a number of strategies plumbers can use to generate plumber leads. Some of the best include plumber SEO and content marketing, multi-channel advertising and social media marketing. To identify the most effective lead generation strategy for your plumbing business, track and rate your lead and lead sources.

Grow your business with a dedicated marketing team

Real plumbers, real results

As a plumber, your business is only as strong as your stream of leads. Marketing 360® has helped plumbing businesses like yours build their brand presence, improve their business operations and drive plumbing leads.


After one year with Marketing 360®, plumbers saw these fantastic results*

857% increase in website traffic

4,438% increase in overall impressions

855% increase in overall clicks

114% increase in conversions (leads and sales)

4,765% increase in organic impressions

1,387% increase in organic clicks

437% increase in organic keyword rankings

380% increase in social clicks

1,475% increase in direct impressions

*Average results based on a study of past plumber clients. Individual account performance may vary. Results are not guaranteed.

See what our plumbing contractor Marketing 360® Platform users are saying

"Take control of your destiny now and have Marketing 360® give you awesome results."

Jeffrey H. | Master Plumber

"All the info you need in one place. I haven't had any issues using the platform."

Taryn R. | Owner/Founder

"With the support of an outstanding support team, Marketing 360® has been a win for our company."

Jim P. | Marketing Director

"For what you pay, I can not imagine a higher value in return. Thanks!"

Joseph T. | Owner

"There was always someone on hand to walk me through everything, and the dashboard was easy to read."

Amy S. | Owner

"Their software is very user friendly and easy to use. Fantastic company!"

Steve T. | Owner

"I like that the CRM is very easy to use and that the emails can be automated."

Joanna L. | Marketing Manager

"From day one, the level of service I received from every person I worked with was exceptional."

Gina K. | Owner

"All in all, this is a sure fire way to get your phone ringing and jobs on the schedule."

Shane C. | Owner

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