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Law firm marketing to grow your business

here are hundreds of thousands of law firms operating in the US and more than a million lawyers competing for a relatively small number of clients. Unfortunately, the competition for new clients is so fierce that the majority of law firms collapse.

The competition for new clients is cited as the number one challenge for law firms, and the ability to compete is what sets successful law firms and attorneys apart. That’s where law firm marketing comes in.

Attorney marketing underscores what makes your law firm different and gives you the tools you need to stand out. It gets you in front of the right people — prospective clients specifically looking for the legal representation you provide — in the right place and at the right time.

5 reasons to use a lawyer marketing platform

  • 1. Everything you need in one place:Lawyer marketing has many moving parts, from SEO and content marketing to listings and reputation management. Marketing your law firm can quickly become a full-time job, especially when you manage every marketing channel one at a time. With an all-in-one law firm marketing platform, like Marketing 360®, you can manage every marketing channel from one place.
  • 2. Streamline your marketing: There are many different marketing channels you should be using to grow your law firm, none of which should be operating in a silo. By streamlining your strategy across all of your marketing channels, you maximize your efforts and, subsequently, your ROI. An attorney marketing platform will help you do just that.
  • 3. Save time: Small business owners are incredibly busy, and lawyers tend to have even more on their plates than most small business owners. That can make it hard to really focus on marketing your law firm. With a singular law firm marketing platform, you save time by gaining a bird’s eye view of all of your marketing channels at once.
  • 4. Save money: If you’re marketing your law firm with multiple software programs, not only is it time-consuming but it can also get expensive, and fast. When you use a single attorney marketing platform to grow your firm, you only pay for one marketing plan instead of several. That saves you money and allows you to do more with less.
  • 5. Monitor and maximize your performance: While general rules apply in attorney marketing, no two law firms are exactly alike. Just because a marketing strategy works for one firm, doesn’t mean it will work for another. By using one platform to market your business, you can monitor the performance of all of your marketing channels from one place. This makes it easy to make data-driven decisions.
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Must-have marketing channels for law firms

SEO and content


SEO and content marketing

More often than not, when someone needs legal representation, their search starts on Google or Bing. In order to rank on page one of search engines, you need a lawyer SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing strategy. This means more high-quality leads for your law firm who are actively searching for your legal services online.

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Email and text


Email and text message marketing

People do a lot of research when looking for legal representation. During the research process, lawyers need to be able to stay top of mind for leads. Otherwise, you’ll just get lost in the crowd. Email and text message marketing campaigns can help you nurture leads into clients, and stay in touch with your existing clients.

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Social media


Social media marketing

Did you know that most people spend their time online on social media? Social media users aren’t just posting memes or catching up with old friends, they’re looking for local businesses, like law firms. Social media marketing allows your law firm to get in front of prospective clients where they’re already spending their time online.

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Online advertising


Online advertising

From Facebook to Google, there are so many places your prospective leads may go to look for a law firm online. Your success depends on your ability to be visible wherever people are looking. Multi-channel advertising allows you to do just that while capturing market share and driving results for your law firm.

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Reputation management

There’s a lot at stake for people looking for legal representation, and the decision to hire an attorney is not one people take lightly. Reviews are the modern-day word of mouth, and you need them to build trust with prospective leads and clients. Reputation management can help you get and manage reviews, build trust and convert leads who are on the fence.

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Let us help you conquer key law firm marketing channels

The benefits of working with an attorney marketing team


Do more for less

Even if you cut corners by implementing your attorney marketing yourself, it can still be costly. If you hire an in-house marketing manager, it costs even more to market your firm. Working with a marketing team, like Marketing 360®’s, gives you unrivaled talent at only a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house marketing manager for your law firm.


Free up your schedule

From writing blog posts for your lawyer website to creating social media posts and responding to reviews, it takes time to market your law firm. Law firm marketing is essential but time-consuming. By working with a marketing team, you save time without sacrificing your marketing strategy.


Stay up to date with the latest trends

Just as laws and regulations change regularly, so does marketing. The success of your attorney marketing strategy depends on your ability to keep up with those changes. With a marketing team on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your strategy is always up to date with the latest techniques and trends.


Maximize your ROI

Marketing isn’t always easy to get right, and that’s especially true for small business owners who are dipping their toes into marketing for the first time. Having a dedicated marketing team means that you have experience and know-how on your side. This will help you maximize your results and get the most out of your marketing investment.


Focus on what matters most

People don’t spend seven years of their life in school and take one of the most stressful tests of all time because they’re passionate about law firm marketing. They do it because they want to provide people with the legal representation they need. Working with a marketing team frees up your time to focus on what matters most — your clients.

Lawyer marketing FAQs

Why is law firm marketing important?

With so much competition for new clients, lawyers and law firms need a way to stand out from the crowd. Attorney marketing can set your firm apart from the many others in your area and get you in front of the right people. It’s an essential part of increasing visibility driving leads, building trust and capturing market share — in other words, growing your business.

How do you create an attorney marketing strategy?

No two lawyer marketing strategies should look exactly the same, but every effective marketing strategy starts with identifying your audience and goals. When you know who you’re marketing to and what your marketing goals are, it guides everything about your marketing strategy, from the marketing channels you choose to the timing of your campaigns.

What does inbound marketing look like for lawyers?

Marketing to people who are not interested or in need of your legal services is a waste of both time and money. Inbound marketing is all about increasing your visibility wherever people are actively searching for what you have to offer. Done right, inbound marketing leads to higher-quality leads and a higher ROI.

How do you generate law firm leads?

The first step toward generating law firm leads is to build a visible presence for your firm wherever people are looking for legal representation in your area. To turn those visual impressions into clicks and conversions, you need to make your law firm stand out with a memorable message, eye-catching designs and a strong reputation.

Grow your business with a dedicated marketing team

Real attorney and law firms, real results

As a law firm, your business is only as strong as your stream of leads. Marketing 360® has helped law firms like yours build their brand presence, improve their business operations and drive law firm leads.


After one year with Marketing 360®, attorneys and law firms saw these fantastic results*

269% increase in website traffic

3,309% increase in overall impressions

1,841% increase in overall clicks

418% increase in conversions (leads and sales)

5,025% increase in organic impressions

1,491% increase in organic clicks

2,434% increase in organic keyword rankings

115% increase in social clicks

658% increase in ad impressions

166% increase in direct impressions

*Average results based on a study of past attorney and law firm clients. Individual account performance may vary. Results are not guaranteed.

See what our law firm Marketing 360® Platform users are saying

"They created a beautiful website for our firm. We get a lot of compliments on our site."

Joshua W. | Attorney

"We have found the software easy to navigate and very helpful in determining where to focus our advertising."

Emilie P. | Associate Attorney

"This relationship with Marketing 360® is really working out."

Jeffrey Anton C. | Attorney

"The company is very hands on, and I always feel like I can pick up the phone and speak to someone."

Lisa M. | Founder

"The customer support staff has been fantastic to work with."

Rob S. | Administrator

"They have helped drive our business to a different level through their expert marketing advice and one-of-a-kind professionalism."

Cody K. | Owner

"I find this service easy to use."

Nicholas O. | Attorney

"The staff at Marketing 360® do an outstanding job. They are responsive, and they have met all of my expectations."

Andrew W. | Attorney

"Marketing 360® has the most knowledgeable, talented people using the most up-to-date software."

Drew R. | Owner

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