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Why dentists need social media management

Billions of people are active on social media on a regular basis. Not only are social media users connecting with friends and family, but they're also looking for local businesses, like dental practices. If you want your dental practice to be visible to potential patients, social media management is essential.

With the right social media management strategy, you can improve your brand awareness and reach more people in your target market. You can also use social media to connect with current and potential patients, build relationships, provide customer service and grow your dental practice.

Social media management for dentists involves creating and sharing content, monitoring and responding to comments and messages, analyzing your social media performance and more. It can be time-consuming, but it's well worth it.

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7 benefits of social media management for dental practices

1. Increase brand recognition

Building an active presence on social media is a fantastic way to increase recognition of your brand and grow your dental practice. When existing and potential patients see your dental practice pop up in their social media feeds, they'll be more likely to think of you when they need dental care.

2. Build community connections

If you want to build a strong connection with your community, social media is a great place to start. You can use social media to share your dental practice's story, highlight community involvement and show your human side. When people feel connected to your dental practice, they're more likely to become patients in the future.

3. Showcase your expertise

Use social media to share your knowledge and expertise with the world. When you share valuable content, people will start to see your dental practice as a trusted source of information. You can also use social media to show off your five-star reviews and patients' before-and-after photos.

4. Humanize your dental practice

Be the first dentist your patients think of when they have a toothache or need a dental cleaning by connecting on a more personal level. Show your potential and existing patients the human side of your dental practice by sharing photos and stories of your team, patients and office.

5. Drive traffic to your dentist website

Social media management is a great way to drive more traffic to your dental practice's website. When you share links to your website content on your social media profiles and posts, you can increase website traffic and generate leads for your business.

6. Get to know your patient base

The better you know your patient base, the more effective you can make your dentist marketing strategy. Social media is the perfect place to learn more about your existing and potential patients. You can use social media analytics to track who's talking about your dental practice, what they're saying and more.

7. Win leads and patients

By creating valuable content and engaging with your social media followers, you can turn them into leads and patients for your dental practice. When you provide helpful information and answer questions, people will be more likely to trust your dental practice and turn to you for dental care in the future.

The best social media platforms for dentists

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free listing that helps you appear in Google Maps and Google Search. It's a great way to make your dental practice more visible to potential clients in your area. Make sure your business information is accurate and up to date, include photos of your team, get reviews and post on your profile regularly.


Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for dentists because it has a large user base and it's easy to use. Facebook also offers a variety of features that can be helpful for dental practices, like the ability to post photos, videos, articles and more.


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that can be used by dentists to connect with other professionals in the dental industry. LinkedIn is also an ideal place to share articles, blog posts and other forms of content. If you want to connect with other dentists and professionals, LinkedIn is a good option.


Instagram is a visual social media platform that's perfect for sharing photos and videos of your dental practice, team and patients. If you want to build a strong social media presence for your dental practice, be sure to post high-quality content on a regular basis.


YouTube can be a fantastic social media platform for dental practices because it allows you to share informative videos with your followers. You can use YouTube to post educational dental videos, patient testimonials and more. Just be sure to optimize your videos with relevant keywords and hashtags so they can be easily found by potential patients.


How to make your dental practice's social media profiles stand out

Choose the right profile picture

When you're creating your social media profiles, it's important to choose the right profile picture. After all, it's the first thing people will see on social media. Your profile picture should be a high-quality headshot or your dental practice's logo. Whatever you choose, make sure it puts your practice in the best light.

Write an engaging bio

Your social media bio is your chance to tell people what your dental practice is all about. When writing your bio, be sure to include information about your dental services, location and contact information — and make it engaging. You should also include a link to your dental website.

Ensure brand consistency

When people see your social media profiles, they should instantly know they're looking at the profiles of your dental practice. That's why it's important to ensure brand consistency across all of your social media platforms. Use the same profile picture, bio and cover photo on each platform. And, make sure your posts are consistent with your brand voice and messaging.

Use relevant keywords

Make it easy for people in your area to find your dental practice by including relevant keywords in your social media bio and social posts. Not only will this help your dental practice get found by prospective patients, but it will also make it clear to anyone visiting your profile who you are and what you do.

Establish a voice for your dental practice

When people think of your dental practice, you want them to think of a specific brand personality. That's why it's important to establish a voice for your dental practice on social media. Your voice should be consistent across all of your social media platforms and should reflect the overall tone of your dental practice.

Post high-quality content

If you want people to follow your dental practice on social media, you need to post high-quality content. This means posting photos and videos that are clear, concise and visually appealing. You should also make sure your posts are relevant and informative. No one wants to be inundated with constant promotions.

Engage with your audience

If you want to build a successful social media following, you need to engage with your audience. This means responding to comments and questions in a timely manner. You should also share other businesses' content, leave thoughtful comments on other posts and run social media contests and giveaways.

Use social media management software

Save time by scheduling your social posts ahead of time with social media management software, like the Marketing 360® Social app. This way, you can spend less time managing your social media accounts and more time taking care of your patients and growing your dental practice.


What to post on social media for dentists

Dental practice updates

Your social media followers want to know what's going on with your dental practice. Share any updates, news or changes with them on your social media profiles. This could include information about new services, staff changes, office renovations or anything else that would be of interest to your audience.

Educational content

Inform your social media followers about all things dental with educational content. This could include blog posts, infographics, videos or even just social media posts with dental tips. Sharing this type of content will not only make you look like an expert in the field, but it will also help build trust with your audience.


Let your social media followers know about any promotions or discounts your dental practice is running. Social media is the perfect place to share information about special offers, new patient specials or referral programs. Just be sure to not post too many promotions, as you don't want to turn your social media followers off.

Answers to FAQs

Do you get asked the same questions over and over again by your patients? If so, consider answering them in a social media post. This is a great way to provide valuable information to your followers and build trust while also increasing engagement on social media.

Patient feedback and reviews

Encourage your patients to leave reviews on your social media profiles to earn social proof and build trust. You can also post before-and-after photos and videos of patients giving testimonials, which will help increase engagement. Always get permission from your patients before you post about them on social media!

Relevant news stories

Keep your social media followers up to date on relevant news stories in the roofing industry. This will show that you're knowledgeable and well-informed. You can share news stories by linking to them in your posts or writing a brief summary of the story.

Relevant news stories

Keep your social media followers up to date on the latest dental news stories. This could include information about new dental technologies, changes in insurance or other relevant news stories. This will show that you're invested in the dental industry and help to build trust with your audience.

Dental memes and humor

A big part of showing your social media followers the human side of your practice is by connecting with humor. Memes and other funny dental-related content are a great way to engage with your audience and make your social media profile more fun and approachable.

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Social media management FAQs for dentists

Why is social media management important for dental practices?

Social media management is important for dental practices because it helps to build trust with potential patients and shows that you're invested in the dental industry. Sharing educational content, patient testimonials, news stories and promotions on social media will help you to reach a wider audience and attract new patients.

How do you create an effective dentist social media strategy?

When creating an effective dentist social media strategy, it's important to consider your goals and objectives. Are you looking to attract new patients? Increase brand awareness? Build trust with potential patients? Once you've determined your goals, you can create content and post regularly to help achieve them.

What are the rules dentists need to follow on social media?

Dentists need to keep HIPAA in mind when posting on social media. This means avoiding sharing any PHI (protected health information) without patient consent. You should also avoid making any medical claims or giving medical advice on social media.

How often should a dental practice post on social media?

How often you post on social media will depend on your dental practice’s goals and your audience, as well as what platform(s) you're using. A good rule of thumb is to post on each platform at least a few times a week, but you may want to post more often on some platforms than others.

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