Natural Listing Ads®

Earn more organic sales & higher keyword rankings with the #1 SEO software program.

Use the Natural Listing Ads® program to increase your visibility in organic search results on search engines like Google & Bing and generate more sales.

Why it’s better than other SEO programs.

Most SEO programs focus on high keyword rankings, but high rankings alone do you no good if nobody is clicking your listings, visiting your website, or generating a sale! The Natural Listing Ads® program focuses not only on increasing your rankings and visibility, but also on increasing the clickability of your listings and then the convertibility of your organic traffic. By focusing on the entire conversion funnel, you’re able to take full advantage of your organic listings and SEO to generate substantially more new sales.

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Wow, it makes SEO easy.

With Natural Listing Ads®, all the work’s done for you!

A dedicated Marketing Executive will manage and optimize your Natural Listing Ads® program for you. Simply login to Marketing 360® at any time to monitor results. Or, call or email your Marketing Executive whenever you’d like. Spend as much or as little of your own time improving your organic results by leveraging the power of the Natural Listing Ads® SEO software and the talents and time of your Marketing Executive who is a certified SEO expert.

Powerful SEO software.

Track Organic Keywords & increase their SEO rankings.

Rank at the top of search engines like Google & Bing for your top search terms/keywords. Track and analyse keywords in one place. See how many keywords rank and where. Watch as keywords move up in search and generate more sales.

Get powerful Organic Ad Copy™ that draws in more sales.

Ranking highly for your top search terms/keywords is not enough! Get your SEO listings to stand out from your competitors and earn the most clicks and sales by using proven-to-work Organic Ad Copy™. Then, track the performance of your listings in one place.

Compare your SEO Optimize Score™ with your competitors.

Want to know how well your website is optimized for a keyword compared to your competitors? Easy! The SEO Optimize Score™ tool allows you to do just that. Enter your keywords, enter your competitors and the tool does the rest. Plus, compare other SEO metrics.

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Improve organic landing pages & turn traffic into sales.

Most SEO programs and services neglect the organic landing pages but they are conceivably the most important part of the SEO process, which is taking hard-earned traffic and turning it into actual, consistent lead flow. Get your SEO landing pages optimized!

Content is king when it comes to SEO. Build content with ease!

Have SEO content created for your top organic search terms/keywords and watch your rankings leap over your competitors and the sales begin to flow in. All content is created through the Marketing 360® platform by professional writers.

Intelligent reporting & SEO analytics at your fingertips.

Get up-to-the-minute tracking & analytics on your organic traffic and compare the Natural Listing Ads® program with other traffic driving programs in seconds. Track key statistics such as Visibility, Clickability, Convertibility™ and more.

The Importance of SEO

Results driven SEO is essential to the success of your brand long-term.
Learn how the Natural Listing Ads® program drives that success.

The Best SEO Software Takes You Beyond Ranking

It’s Time For Business Focused SEO

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)…do you hate that term?  It is about as appealing as colonoscopy?  You understand its necessity, but just the word makes you shudder?

You’re not alone.  SEO is so overused and vague a term that it’s become synonymous with the entire scope of online marketing .  People think SEO is online marketing, but they don’t really know what SEO is–or how it works.

You know what you want.  You want to be on page one so you get a lot of traffic to your website!  So you hire a professional SEO.  And they get you ranking for some search phrases that at least…sort of…relate to what you do.  Then you get to page one!  They show you some colorful bar graphs that quantify their success.

The problem is you don’t feel the success.  You get some activity off your website, but you don’t know where it comes from.   You rank for some keyword phrases, but how many realistic leads use those phrases?  Your website traffic is way up, but your sales are flat.  What gives?

The truth is there are a range of metrics in the SEO world that are useless for a business with specific revenue goals.  Traffic, for example, can be a fairly easy metric to achieve.  But if it doesn’t produce revenue, who cares?

Currently, a popular strategy in SEO is content marketing. With this strategy you are encouraged to publish online content to draw in traffic that boosts your SEO.  But the best content marketers will tell you that this strategy does not produce “direct” ROI.  You’re in a competitive business–it’s a battle out there.  Do you have time for “indirect” ROI?

You’re not an affiliate marketer where massive traffic alone is a benefit. You’re not just trying to build a brand platform–it’s nice to be known, but it’s a necessity to be directly in front of actual customers.

This can get downright scary:  in the time it takes some of these SEO strategies to pay off, many start-ups have already failed.

It’s time for Natural Listing Ads®.

SEO Software Built for Conversions

Natural Listing Ads® is part of an internet marketing strategy designed for businesses that rely on direct conversions from their website.  While the search visibility is built around the organic, free clicks, we actually treat the campaigns in a way that’s more similar to most pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

All keyword targets are connected to buying intent. All copy is treated as persuasive advertisements.  All landing pages are built to convert.

We create content designed to get you to rank for target keywords.  We advise you on how to share your expertise and build a presence on social media–you can do the “indirect” work better yourself.

And it all comes together on the Marketing 360® software platform.  No other SEO software platform out there lets you correlate your organic online traffic with specific revenue goals like Marketing 360®.

Every keyword, every search page result, every link, every type of traffic is part of your conversion funnel.

We never tout any success unless you share in it.

Natural Listing Ads® is SEO you’ll understand.  It produces results–and that’s what you’ll love.

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