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Marketing 360® Blog

Facebook Ads for Contractors – Examples and Tips From Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

Facebook ads for contractors work best when they:

  • Use accurate targeting based on location, interests, or retargeting lists.
  • Demonstrate the value of the product through images.
  • Have a clear offer and a strong call to action.

Facebook ads for contractors are really all about targeting. If, for example, you’re a roofer and you display your ad to audiences unlikely to need roof repairs in the next decade, it’s not likely to be effective.

However, if that same audience is in an area that just got hit by a hail storm, then you can have a very successful campaign.

You can also target interests with great accuracy on Facebook. If you have a product a certain type of DIY customer would like, you can target that interest. You can also target people who demonstrate interests in topics like kitchen remodeling as well as people who follow pages like Houzz or watch shows like Love It or List It.

Most contractor Facebook ads need to be concise. Have a clear offer and strong call to action.

Use images that show the benefit of your product, and put people in them when possible. Keep text on these images to a minimum. If your image looks too much like a direct-mail coupon it won’t get displayed.

It’s also effective to use customer testimonials is Facebook ads. Get a good quote from the customer and feature it in the ad.

To enhance your message, use the text area or create a short video. Videos work well at grabbing people’s attention on Facebook.

Make sure your brand name stands out and be set-up to create retargeting lists. You’ll probably need to hit people with a series of ads to win conversions.

Here are some example Facebook ads for contractors designed by Marketing 360® to give you ideas and inspiration.


  • Ad targets people in an area affected by a recent storm
  • Concise text is clear about what’s being offered
  • Strong, clear call to action


  • Video ad catches people’s attention
  • Good use of people enjoying their home (and its new roof)
  • Call to action helps create a sense of trust


  • Ad targets people based on interests (log homes, DIY, and home improvement)
  • Image shows product
  • Multiple calls to action with phone number and website link that goes to landing page


  • Ad targets a general audience in the area (Nashville) but uses contest offer to entice action
  • Clear use of brand in image and text
  • Strong use of value proposition (save up to 80%)
contractor testimonial facebook ad
  • Strong use of testimonial content in the ad
  • Good use of branding