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Marketing 360® Blog

Facebook Ads for Chiropractors – Examples and Tips from Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

Does your chiropractic practice need to get more new patients through Facebook Ads?  Here are some tips and examples.


Chiropractic Facebook ads perform best when:

  1. They incorporate the human element.
  2. People can visualize the problem or solution. 
  3. The ad appeals to people’s emotions. 
  4. There is a clear offer or promotion
  5. Video is used

Facebook is an excellent platform to target new chiropractic patients, but for it to be effective you need well-developed ads.  Take a look at this example from Marketing 360® designs:


  • Strong offer for new patients enticing action.
  • Clear call to action in text and with sign up button.
  • Text offers service details without being lengthy or complex.
  • Image has limited time offer badge.
  • Image has human element that shows the problem and appeals to people’s emotions.

Here’s another ad that was also effective:


  • This ad makes a pain point connection that offers informational value.
  • Direct comparison to an option (surgery) people would prefer to avoid.
  • Text on image is brief and offers an attention-grabbing statistic.
  • Human element in the image that demonstrates the problem.

This ad shows a patient enjoying their treatment:


  • Text notes practice specializations.
  • Call to action with mention of same-day appointments.
  • Image demonstrates the beneficial side of chiropractic with the patient experiencing relief.

This chiropractic Facebook ad used video effectively:


  • The video is an introduction by the doctor explaining what first-time visitors can expect.
  • Strong offer with actual prices and savings included in the ad text.
  • Call to action is a lead ad that lets people convert without leaving Facebook.

For this chiropractor, the video was the top ad in the ad set, delivering 70% of the conversions.

Wrap Up

Remember that most people will be exposed to your Facebook chiropractic ads while browsing their Newsfeeds on their phones.   This means you have to catch people’s attention as they’re thumbing through an endless scroll of fascinating, tantalizing, and personalized content.

Of course, you’re targeting your ads so they only show to people with strong interest in chiropractic care or back pain issues.  In fact, most chiropractic Facebook ad campaigns we run are retargeting ads built off website visit audience lists.

Be sure of two things with your ads.

  1. Put people in your images.  We’re all naturally drawn to human faces, and images of people fit with other content in Newsfeeds.  Another effective tactic is to show people enjoying activities they otherwise would miss (golfing, skiing, etc.) if not for chiropractic care.
  2. Minimize text.  Don’t try to explain chiropractic procedures.  Instead, have a short blurb that makes an emotional connection, has a clear offer and uses a strong call to action.