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Marketing 360® Blog

Facebook Ads for Carpet Cleaners: Examples and Tips from Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

Do you want to run Facebook Ads for your carpet cleaning business?  Here are some examples and tips.


Facebook ads for carpet cleaners work best when:

  1. You have a clear goal and focused message. 
  2. The ads have a human element. 
  3. You keep the text short and minimize it on images. 
  4. You appeal to people’s emotions instead of describing the features of your service. 
  5. You help people visualize the problem or solution.

Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ad Design Examples

Here are some Facebook ads we designed for Marketing 360® that worked well for lead generation.  Let’s break down why they worked.


facebook ads for carpet cleaning


  • Short, focused text.
  • Emotional-based message (easy as 1-2-3)
  • Human element (babies on clean carpets make good images for these ads)


facebook carpet cleaning ad example


  • Emotional appeal (We’ll put your mind at ease)
  • Human element in the image
  • Focus on warranty and satisfaction guarantee (solution focus)


facebook ads for carpet cleaners


  • Short, focused text
  • Strong call to action repeated in the image (notice how the baby is looking towards the call to action)
  • Emotional appeal (baby)


carpet cleaning facebook ad personal


  • Strong emotional appeal in short text
  • Human element with emotional appeal in image text
  • Solution-focused message
  • Animated image is an attention grabber

Now, let’s also look at a couple of Facebook ads for carpet cleaners that didn’t work so well.


facebook carpet cleaning ad


  • Lack of human appeal.  No people in the images.
  • Too much focus on features (few Facebook users will know what IICRC Certified means)
  • No emotional appeal.  It’s easy to pass over this ad on a Newsfeed.


carpet cleaning facebook ad


  • Lack of human appeal
  • Feature focused.
  • Text is far too long.  People won’t read this on their mobile Newsfeeds.

Wrap Up

Remember that most people will be exposed to your Facebook carpet cleaner ads while browsing their Newsfeeds on the phones.   This means you have to catch people’s attention as they’re thumbing through an endless scroll of fascinating, tantalizing, and personalized content.

Of course, you’re targeting your ads so they only show to people with strong interest in getting their carpets cleaned.  In fact, most carpet cleaning Facebook ad campaigns we run are retargeting ads built off website visit audience lists.

Be sure of two things with your ads.

  1. Put people in your images.  We’re all naturally drawn to human faces, and images of things like families and cute babies fit with other content in Newsfeeds.  People automatically create an emotional appeal.
  2. Minimize text.  Don’t explain the features of your carpet cleaning technology.  Instead, have a short blurb that makes an emotional connection, has a clear offer and uses a strong call to action.