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Marketing 360® Blog

Coming Soon to Facebook Ads Near You: Multiple Text Options

Post By Robyn Rivera | Blog | Facebook Ads

Facebook is rolling out multiple text options for its ads.

This is a new feature that may not be available to you yet, but will be shortly, and it’s a game-changer as far as Facebook advertising is concerned. With multiple text options, you can add up to five different variations of the headline, primary text, and description of your ad. You’ll be able to take advantage of this feature on any of your image or video ads that are using the Traffic, App Installs, or Conversions objectives.

Unfortunately, at this point, there’s no way for you to test which text variations are most effective at driving engagement or conversions because the reporting is still based on a single advertisement.

What are the benefits of text variations?

With text options, you can use a single ad to target people with all kinds of different interests; you can target different keywords, too, and also highlight different aspects or benefits of your products or services. For instance, let’s say that you’re advertising a lipstick. Your different text variations could be:

  • Finally, a lipstick that lasts!
  • Looking for a long-wear lipstick that won’t smudge? Look no further!
  • Shop with us for a lipstick that works as hard as you do.
  • Look your best, day or night, with this classic, matte red lipstick.
  • Accentuate your lips without breaking the bank account.

Text options make it possible to highlight so many different things about your product or service without the need for creating a ton of different ads. In the examples above, I was able to highlight so many different qualities about this one product — that it lasts, that it’s affordable, that it won’t smudge, and that it looks great.

Here are a few other ways you can make the most of text options:

Add quotes or testimonials.

Most businesses claim to be the best at what they do. After all, what business is going to say, “We’re OK, but you might be better off with someone else”? Not a one. That’s why it’s so much more powerful when your customers say that you’re the best instead.

Text options are great for adding different testimonials and reviews to your ads. Again, you can choose testimonials (or parts of testimonials) that highlight different aspects of your products, or simply alternate them with something more generic, like “We’re Ashville’s premier carpet cleaners, and we’re here to help.”

Demonstrate the value you offer.

Most businesses offer services and products that add value to their clients’ lives in many different ways. Using alternative text, you can highlight the different ways that your products or services add value to your clients’ lives.

For example, in one version of your text, you could talk about how much money you could help your clients save. In another, you could talk about how you save them time or add convenience to their lives.

Grab their attention.

There’s almost nothing more important to the success of an ad than its ability to grab the attention of your audience. It could be the difference between the ad leading to a conversion and someone clicking away or ignoring it. And, with the ability to add multiple text options, you can grab the attention of your audience in multiple ways.

Here are a few ideas for getting the attention of your audience:

  • Ask a question – “Will 2020 be the year you reach your fitness goals?”
  • Make an offer – “Sign up for your free personal training session!”
  • Make a statement – “Make 2020 the year you reach your fitness goals!”

No matter how you decide to use multiple text options in your ads, make sure that the text options don’t contradict one another and that they’ll work together.

This new feature is incredible because it allows you to send targeted messages to many different groups of people with a single ad. If you’d like help mastering the alternative text feature or any other aspect of Facebook advertising, Marketing 360® can help!