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Marketing 360® Blog

Hair Salon Facebook Ads – Examples and Ideas

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

Facebook is an excellent place for hair salons to reach their target audience. Here are some ideas on how to create Facebook ads for salons with examples from Marketing 360®.


Hair salon Facebook ads work best when:

  • They include authentic images of styles and services.
  • You match a compelling offer with a clear call to action.
  • The ad notes how a new style makes people feel confident and renewed.
  • You keep text short and minimize it on images.

With a strong female demographic, Facebook is prime hunting ground for beauty and hair salon advertising. And just as advantageous is that hair salon ads have visual appeal that naturally includes people – which works best on Facebook.

A local salon can target their demographic to get their name in front of new customers, then retarget existing customers with the latest styles and deals.

Hair salon Facebook ads are a smart tactic. Here’s some example ads with notes to inspire you.

#1. Brand Ads

These are examples of brand awareness ads sent to an audience based on demographics and interests.

They introduce the brand while making a specific offer. Both keep text short and have a call to action.

#2. Specific Offers

These ads both advertise a specific offer. They can be used to target new audiences or to retarget existing customers.

They both are effective at using the image to show the hair style, include pricing information, and have a strong call to action.

#3. Targeted Audience

This ad targets people of different cultural backgrounds, emphasizing their experience at working with different types of hair.

#4. Show the Benefit

This ad does a nice job of identifying a problem (pain from using tweezers on eyebrows) and offering a solution. Carousel ads show multiple images.