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Marketing 360® Blog

Facebook Ads Tip: Issues of National Importance

Post By Scott Yoder | Facebook Ads

The issues of national importance ads policy on Facebook prevents ads from getting too political. Here are some tips on avoiding issues with this policy and making sure you’re not improperly disapproved.

One thing we note often when discussing Facebook’s advertising policies is that their goal is to create a happiness ecosystem.

It’s a stretch to say their advertising policies are altruistic or moral, though some do achieve these goals. It’s more accurate to say that Facebook wants its users to enjoy using the platform. So, anything that creates discord or negative personal reflection goes against their policy, such as with the personal attributes policy.

When it comes to matter of national importance (which is another way of saying political issues), they are not looking stifle things entirely. However, there is an approval process that requires AI/human reviews for any of these topics:

  • abortion
  • budget
  • civil rights
  • crime
  • economy
  • education
  • energy
  • environment
  • foreign policy
  • government reform
  • guns
  • health
  • immigration
  • infrastructure
  • military
  • poverty
  • social security
  • taxes
  • terrorism
  • values

So, say you wanted to run an ad like this:

This is a “pro gun” message. So, it would have to be approved and the ad would run with a “paid for by” disclaimer. Of course, anything that is overly inflammatory would disqualify the ad because of other polices as well.

This is pretty clear. If you want to make a political statement in a Facebook ad, you’ll have to get it approved.

But this isn’t the issue for most businesses.

Instead, the issue is that their ads get flagged for this policy violation when the ad has little to nothing to do with a matter of “national importance”.

For instance, this ad recently got disapproved:

Presumably, this ad is disapproved because it deals with energy policy. But as you can see, there is really no political message or intent.

This type of image is also all but certain to get flagged:

However, this is a gun holster, not a gun. There is an American flag in the background, but no overt political message.

In fact, Facebook disapproved an ad with this image. After our marketing exec went through an exchange with them, we finally got this message back:

The problem is that the AI review program makes mistakes. The worst case we’ve seen is an ad for a July 4th oil change special that got disapproved because it thought the ad had something to do with the economy.

When this happens, all you can do is request a review through Ads Manager so it can be reviewed by a person.

When your ad is approved, it will run with the “paid for by” disclaimer, like this ad:

Unless you have a strong reason that relates to your organization, it’s better to stay away from politics with your Facebook ads. Beyond everything stated here, that type of content doesn’t usually meet the objective of winning you new customers.