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Marketing 360® Blog

Facebook Ads for Restaurants – Examples and Tips from Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are effective for restaurants. Here are some examples and ideas that will get your Facebook audience walking into your restaurant.

Facebook Ads for restaurants work best when they:

  • Have an enticing offer that’s easy to redeem.
  • Use high-quality images and video of the food being offered.
  • Use high-quality images of people enjoying the ambiance of the restaurant.
  • Include a strong call to action.

In some ways, a restaurant Facebook ad is like a digital version of a mailer. You want to target new customers and entice them into your restaurant so you can get those crucial initial visits that lead to them becoming regulars.

But unlike mailers, you need your Facebook/Instagram ads to have enough visual appeal to stand out on crowded feeds.

Whatever offer you have, make sure it’s easy to redeem. Often, restaurants will only ask people to mention the ad or maybe show it on their phone.

Another very effective call to action for restaurant Facebook ads is click to messenger. With these ads, you use a chatbot to engage users then get them on a contact list so you can send more messages.

Here’s an example:

Which opens a message:

Here’s a strong example of a restaurant Facebook Ad:


  • Enticing offer draws in diners during slower days.
  • Video shows food prep and final product to whet people’s appetites
  • Call to action takes people to the website

Pro Tip: Use People and Faces

One mistake many restaurants make with their Facebook or Instagram ads is never showing people.

Of course, images of food make great content, but it’s also a good idea to mix in images of people enjoying your establishment. In fact we know that, in general, social media ads that use people get better engagement.

Here’s a good example of an Instagram ad:

However, consider this Instagram Ad:

This image – of an empty patio – hardly conveys the message that this a “prime” spot. Instead, they should take a picture of the patio at the busiest time of the week.

Remember that when people go out, they like to go to energizing, happening places where they can people watch. If you show images of a dead dining area or bar, it’s not going to excite people about coming to your place.

Pro Tip: Make an Offer

Remember that when you’re running Facebook Ads, your goal is most likely to use the system to target new diners.

When you’re targeting people who you’re trying to get in for those first, crucial dining experiences, you need to make an enticing offer that – most likely – involves some kind of deal. These ads work well with the types of promotion you use to win new regulars even if you take a loss on their first couple of visits.

Make sure people know what your deals and specials are. Also, consider that you can run lookalike campaigns based on your Facebook followers, email lists, or website conversions. That means you can target new potential customers that share characteristics with your regulars.

So don’t just show an image of your food. Make a deal to get new diners coming in:

Facebook and Instagram are really good places for restaurant advertisements. Show appetizing food, make enticing offers, and include images of people having a great time at your place.

Soon, more of them will be.