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Marketing 360® Blog

Facebook Ads for Plumbers – Examples and Tips from Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

Considering running Facebook ads for your plumbing business? Here are some tips and examples from Marketing 360®.

Facebook ads for plumbers work best when:

  1. They incorporate the human element.
  2. People can visualize the problem or solution. 
  3. The ad appeals to people’s emotions. 
  4. There is a clear offer or promotion.
  5. Video is used.

Facebook is an excellent platform to target new plumbing leads, but for it to be effective you need well-developed ads.  Take a look at this example from Marketing 360® designs:


  • Top Rated Local reviews build trust; also trust mentioned in headline.
  • Clear offer with free inspection to entice action.
  • Use of human element in image.
  • Short, simple message with call to action.

This ad makes use of a short video:

  • Short, to the point message.
  • Offer details locations and hours.
  • Video adds funny message with human element.

This ad uses a testimonial:

This Facebook plumbing ad uses an informational video, targeting video views to create a retargeting list:

Wrap Up

Remember that most people will be exposed to your Facebook plumbing ads while browsing their Newsfeeds on their phones.   This means you have to catch people’s attention as they’re thumbing through an endless scroll of fascinating, tantalizing, and personalized content.

Of course, you’re targeting your ads so they only show to people likely to hire a plumber.  In fact, most plumbing Facebook ad campaigns we run are retargeting ads built off website visit audience lists.

You can also boost interesting posts that display to people already following your page. These are not designed to convert, but they do increase brand awareness and are cheap to run. For example:

Be sure of two things with your ads.

  1. Put people in your images if possible.  We’re all naturally drawn to human faces, and images of people fit with other content in Newsfeeds.  Don’t be afraid to inject some humor into interest posts.
  2. Minimize text.  Don’t try to explain your plumbing services.  Instead, have a short blurb that makes an emotional connection, has a clear offer, and uses a strong call to action.