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Marketing 360® Blog

Facebook Ads for Gyms – Tips and Ideas

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

Facebook is an excellent marketing channel for gyms. Here are some tips and examples on how to create effective ads for your gym.

Facebook Ads for Gyms work best when they:

  • Show the fun side of working out (as opposed to intense strain)
  • Have authentic images of groups of people using the gym’s amenities
  • Avoid overly polished stock photos with images of extremely fit people
  • Contain an enticing introductory offer with a call to action

Our experience with gym and fitness marketing is that new, prospective members are intimidated – and even fearful – of going to the gym. There is of course the hard-core fitness market that doesn’t feel this way, but unless you can exclusively build your business off that group, you’ll need to appeal to a broader demographic.

Effective Facebook ads for gyms make it look fun, inviting, and exciting. You want images to be a type of hero shot with “average” looking people making clear fitness gains.

Images of Schwarzenegger types can backfire because people get the feeling your gym will set goals they’ll never achieve.

In fact, you’re better off going for laughs like Planet Fitness did in a recent campaign.

For an offer, use something like a boot camp, 1-week VIP, or 30 day to 6-week challenge. You want an initial offer that’s a good deal, but it also needs to be long enough for someone to expect results.

Here some example gym Facebook Ads designed by Marketing 360 to give you inspiration.


  • Authentic, fun image of gym members.
  • Text is inviting and inclusive
  • Targets a specific demographic (women)
  • Boot camp offer entices action


  • Video ad makes strong use of hero image
  • Targeted ad for older female demographic
  • Low-risk call to action draws people to website landing page


  • Video ad shows atmosphere and activity inside gym
  • Short but effective text outlines program
  • Strong initial offer with 1-week free trial


  • Clever use of image to communicate message
  • Clear call to action
  • Targets people who have difficulty getting motivated to work out
  • Effective use of testimonial in a Facebook Ad
  • Smiling people in images makes workout look enjoyable
  • Strong, clear offer and call to action in the image

Learn more about advertising on Facebook.