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Easy to use, fully integrated email marketing automation.

Studies show that email marketing automation, when done right, generates a 30 to 1 return on investment. Email marketing is essential.

Email Marketing 360® helps drive more sales.

Everyone checks their email. In fact, most of us check our email multiple times per day! Therefore, it's key to have a well thought out email marketing campaign. Email Marketing 360® makes designing and creating email campaigns easy. You can even create automated journeys where specific emails are sent to specific people at specific times. No question, email needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy. Get started today.

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Wow, it makes email marketing easy.

Save tons of time with Email Marketing 360®.

Save loads of time. The Email Marketing 360® program is extremly easy to use. The user friendly interface makes designing emails and creating automated journeys a breeze. Choose from a library of killer email templates designs and more. Still not enough time to manage your email marketing? No problem, just ask your dedicated Marketing Executive to help you.

Email marketing software for brands.

Choose from our library of killer email designs.

Build automated journeys that send at the right time.

Review detailed reports to understand the true value of each campaign.

Email Marketing Software and Automation for Small Businesses

Get email marketing software for your small business that’s all steak and no spam.

Email marketing has come a long way.  Not too long ago, people wrote it off because spammy tactics were making it impossible for anyone to get legitimate emails through filters.  Inboxes busting at the seams didn’t help.  Email seemed like both the best and worst ways to reach leads.

But things have improved.  Businesses have gotten smart about creating their own opt-in lists, all but putting to bed the spammy tactic of buying email lists.  Automation allows for timely, personalized sequencing of emails, creating far more relevant content for users.  The mild-mannered email newsletter has gone from a block of boring text to a fully designed page, as engaging as any landing page.  Businesses are better at helping leads make purchase decisions with information they trust and need.

Marketing automation is of particular delight to sales teams.  It’s far easier and more effective to create a series of touches via email, and to have all that tracked in your CRM.  Rich information and brand awareness keep people moving through your funnel without you having to scale up your staff.

Designing templates works like any wysiwyg or CMS editor, with basic templates you can design without a developer.  It puts marketing work back where it should be:  in the marketing department.

With all the marketing channels available today, it’s nice to have a stalwart like email.  It’s one place you know pretty much everybody is at some point in their day.  With the right opt-in lists and the best email marketing software for SMBs from Marketing 360®, you’ll reap the rewards of this excellent marketing channel.

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