Local Listing Ads™

Add, update, sync, enhance and monitor your business listings across hundreds of local sites.

62% of desktop searchers and 78% of mobile searchers make their decision on who to trust for their needs as a result of an online local listing. Local Listing Ads™ are essential.

Local Listing Ads™ help drive more sales.

Up to 78% of potential sales use a local listing to contact a brand. Therefore, it's key to have your brand listed on as many as possible. You can't control when somebody searches, or where they search, but you can control if you're there when they do. Local Listing Ads™ makes sure you're listed on hundreds of local sites. More listings means more visibility. With great visibility and accurate, catchy listings, you'll gain more traffic and sales. Get listed.

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Wow, it makes getting listed easy.

Save tons of time with Local Listing Ads™ brand listing management.

Save loads of time. The Local Listing Ads™ system lists you on hundreds of local sites automatically so you do not need to manually do this. It also manages all your listings from one dashboard to make sure they are current and accurate, saving you the hassle of manually updating each listing by logging into countless local directory sites one by one. Still not enough time to update your listings? No problem, just ask your dedicated Marketing Executive to do it for you.

Business listing management software for brands.

Add and update your brand listing in one place.

Add your brand to all relative local sites. Then, keep your listings correct, updated and uniform. More listings means more visibility. With great visibility and accurate, catchy listings, you'll gain more traffic and sales.

Keep track of your local listings & link to all your profile pages.

Get listed in hundreds of local sites like Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Bing/Microsoft Sites, Apple Maps, Siri, Facebook, Twitter, TomTom Navigation, MapQuest, Yellowbook.com, AOL Sites, Yellowpages.com and more.

Update your social media content from the same interface.

Local Listing Ads™ automatically monitors for reviews posted online about you. All reviews appear in your dashboard. Search reviews by keywords, site or location. See how many reviews there are posted about you and your average rating.

Manage 50+ Local Online Listings From One, Simple To Use Platform

They don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing.  Online marketing is not just a web of interconnections, it’s a web businesses use to catch needy customers.

This includes what could be called the Local Web.  True to form, every city out there has hundreds of pages dedicated to local search results, and like a spider web, each strand has the opportunity to make a catch.

But there is an obvious tedium involved here.  Nobody has time to manage listings on every local business website out there.  At the same time, it’s very important that each listing be accurate and 100% the same.  Why?  Because Google aggregates local listings and uses them as part of its algorithm for local search results.  If you business information looks different across the Web, it will conclude that you’re nowhere.

Local Listing Ads® is an elegant solution to this problem.  It’s software that pushes out your business information to every relevant local listing in your area.  And it does it with the touch of a button.

And that’s it.  Change address?  Input on Local Listing Ads® and it’s pushed across the web.

What a time saver.  Now, weave that web and start capturing business in your area.

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