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Marketing 360® Blog

How to Showcase Testimonials in Facebook Ads

Post By Scott Yoder | Facebook Ads

A big part of social media marketing is social proof. When your brand has an audience, it shows prospective customers you’re worth following.

You can double down on your social proof by using customer testimonials in your ad content. This content is particularly effective for retargeting campaigns that display to people who already know your brand.

The content doesn’t need to be anything other than the testimonial, perhaps using a call to action like “learn more”. It also works well to respond to the client in your text, thanking them for their endorsement.

If you’re targeting website clicks, you can use your website testimonial page as your landing page, or perhaps a page that outlines your customer service.

When possible, include an image of the client (it’s generally a good practice to picture people in Facebook ads); this also makes excellent video content.

Here are some examples of these types of posts created for Marketing 360® clients.

You an also use these type of posts on Instagram.

If you don’t have a testimonial to use, you can do staff spotlights.

You can also highlight your review status on sites like Top Rated Local and display associations and endorsements.

Reviews and testimonials make excellent social media content because they feature the voice and face of a real person who worked with you.

If you’re going to put a face on Facebook, you can’t do better than to have it be the face of someone who loves your work.