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10 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas & Tips to Grow Your Practice

Post By Scott Yoder | Local Advertising

Local chiropractic marketing is particularly competitive.  In many cities, it seems like there’s a chiropractor on every corner, from big, multi-doctor practices to people who – literally – hang a shingle on their front door.

For the prospective patient looking for fast back-pain relief, the choice can feel like a crap-shoot.  But your chiropractic office can’t gamble. You need to be highly visible, create a trustworthy image, and convince people considering chiropractic that you’re the right choice.

Below are 10 smart marketing ideas that will build your search rankings, increase your brand visibility, and convert tentative searchers into new appointments, starting with tips and ideas from the chiropractic marketing pros at Marketing 360®:

Chiropractic Marketing Idea #1:  Use Demographically Targeted Advertisements

You know all that data that Google and Facebook gather on their users?  All that browsing behavior, search history, and lifestyle detail?

Well, the data is adding up.  Today on Facebook, Google, and other online platforms, you can target audiences with remarkable detail, including:

  • Location.  Break it down by everyone the area, recent arrivals, or travelers.
  • Languages.  Select different languages spoken in the area.
  • Education level.  Target anything from in high school to Doctorate degree.
  • Financial status.  Target household income or net worth.
  • Home.  Target home type (apartment, condo, square footage), ownership status, and household composition (new parents, working women, teens, etc).
  • Ethnic affinity.
  • Parents (new, with toddlers, teens, young adults) and Moms (big city, corporate, fit, green, new mom, soccer mom, trendy, stay-at-home, etc).
  • Political affiliation.  Liberal to conservative.
  • Business affiliation.  Target by business or industry.
  • Fitness and wellness.  Target bodybuilders, gyms, nutrition habits, meditation, runners, yoga, and more.

This isn’t even the full list, but you get the idea.  For example, you could create a campaign to target new moms living in homes with 75k or more in annual income who are interested in nutrition and physical fitness.  Or construction workers over the age of 50 with purchase behavior that shows they buy a lot of painkillers.

Facebook got the ball rolling with this type of targeting, but in 2019 you can target ads in the same way on Google audience targeting.  The machine learning capabilities of these systems is now effective at not just targeting people who are searching for a chiropractor, but those who need one but are not actively searching for one at the moment.

One of the keys to smart marketing is knowing your audience.  With demographic data, you know more than ever.


Chiropractic Marketing Idea #2:  Local Search and Awareness

As a chiropractor, it’s particularly important for you to geo-target your marketing.  Chances are you’re looking at a city, region, or radius where all your prospective patients are.

Local advertising targets your area and prominently displays your location/contact information.  This includes your Google My Business listing, which is the organic listing that shows your contact info, links to your website, and has reviews (this is how you advertise on Google maps).

chiropractic local listing
Local listings on Google Maps


Learn more about how to rank on Google My Business.

Similarly, Facebook local awareness ads target your local audience and have a map card that shows relevant local details like location, contact info, distance to business, hours, and a “get directions” link.

With both of these, you can have a set appointment call to action with a click-to-call button, which is essential for mobile users.  Google data shows that most healthcare-related searches from appointment ready prospects happen on phones.  These are hot leads ready to call in and schedule an appointment.  Make sure you don’t miss them.


Chiropractic Marketing Tip #3:  Master Search Advertising

The two mainstays of Google and Bing for paid and organic search are still vital to your online chiropractic marketing.

Today, it’s important to have well-defined campaigns for both your pay-per-click (PPC) and organic (SEO) campaigns.

PPC advertising tends to work better as direct-response with short, to the point copy.  Because you’re bidding on position, these ads will rank at the very top of search results.  And because you’re paying for each click, you want to try to target people who are more likely to convert right away.

Use PPC for the most competitive keyword phrases and for condition keywords that indicate the person is in need of a chiropractor immediately.  Link your ads to landing pages with a matching message and strong call to action.

For SEO, consider content meant to connect with the online researcher taking their time to find a chiropractor.  Use blog articles to rank for longer, research-based keyword phrases.  Showcase your expertise and use this content to develop a sense of trust.  The more content you create, the better your website (including your Google local listing) will rank.


Chiropractic Marketing Tip Idea #4:  Your Website is Your First Impression

With properly set-up local listings, you’ll get some mobile click-to-call conversions.  But even with this convenience, the majority of prospective patients will check your chiropractic website out before they schedule an appointment.

Websites today are your business front.  They showcase your services, staff, and – most importantly – communicate the value you offer patients.

Websites are a consumer comparison tool.  Someone searching for a new chiropractor will typically look at 3-5 websites before deciding who to contact.  If one website is confusing or dated and another is clear and modern, the former is likely to lose their chance.

Think of your chiropractic website design as a digital waiting room.  You want it to be clean, professional and assuring.  You want people to feel they are in the right place and that their problem will be solved.

Here is an example chiropractic website mockup on UXI®:

chiropractor website template

There is a make or break moment that happens on your website.  It happens before you ever have the chance to speak to the prospect.

It’s your first impression.  Either you make the cut or you don’t.

Pro tip:  Use visuals like infographics to clearly explain procedures and medical concepts to your lay audience.  A picture is worth a 1000 words, as they say.  Here’s an example:

chiropractic infographic

Chiropractic Idea #5:  Reviews and Reputation Management

Beyond the impression that your website makes, there is another step most people will take in their research:  checking reviews.

Today, online reviews play an undisputed role in marketing and business lead-generation.  The truth is that consumers trust each other more than they trust advertisers.  You must have some positive patient feedback.

Start by claiming your Yelp page, then field and check reviews regularly for accuracy.  Respond to any negative reviews and reach out to the patient to rectify the situation; most people are flattered that you value their opinion and will give you another chance.  Be sure to fill out information about your practice including images and videos.

Use Top Rated Local reputation management software to link a third party review site directly to your website.  This provides legitimate testimonial content, but with more control to edit than you get on other review platforms.

Your Google local listing will receive reviews, and they show prominently in maps listings.  Encourage happy patients to leave you short reviews there.  You can also ask for reviews on your Facebook page.

Manage your reputation proactively by asking and enticing patients to write reviews.  If you don’t, you’re likely to end up with a negative review profile because dissatisfied patients are more likely to review on their own accord.  To reflect the happy middle that most accurately represents your work, you’ll need to take action.


Chiropractic Marketing Tip # 6:  Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email remains one of the most cost-effective ways to reach new leads.  Studies show that for every $1 spent, there is a $44.25 return.  Also, email marketing software and template designs make creating emails and sending them to your list a snap.

Many older chiropractic practices already have large email lists.  Continue to use them.  Also, have a free offering on your website (like a white paper or special offer) that you give away in exchange for an email address.  Send out practice updates, useful info, and special offers.

Re-purpose your email content into a paper newsletter you send to your mailing list.  This is an excellent patient retention tool that lets existing patients know you care.

Remember that new competition is always looming, ready to steal your best patients.  Use email and newsletters to remind patients you’re their chiropractor.


Chiropractic Marketing Tip #7:  Video Advertising

Video is fast becoming one of the best ways to advertise in the healthcare industry.  You can make a strong first impression, display the value you offer, introduce procedures, get client testimonials, and have a strong call to action.  For example:


Embed your video on your website, optimize for search on YouTube, and share it on social media.

Read a case study on how a chiropractor uses video testimonials to win new patients. 


Chiropractic Marketing Idea # 8:  Social Media Marketing

We touched on how to advertise on Facebook, but it’s also worth it to maintain profiles for your practice on the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

These social media platforms are another way to create awareness with prospects and existing patients.  Note that social media really is more of a brand awareness than sales tactic.  You have to create content that fits the platform and contributes to the conversation.  As you engage with your audience, you move them naturally towards your conversion goal.

Use your Facebook business page to offer tips on spine health, curate content about chiropractic care, share articles from your blog, and update followers on news from your clinic.

Social media is most often ignored because chiropractors lack the time to keep up with posting and trends.  If this is you, consider hiring a social media management company.

Pro Tip:  Use Facebook Messenger

More and more prospective patients reach out to businesses like chiropractors via Facebook messenger.  Set this up on your Facebook page, and even consider using bots to answer FAQs, like this:

chiropractic marketing on facebook messenger

With a bot, you can have these questions automatically answered.  A real time saver that maintains a personal touch.

Be responsive to all inquiries on messenger.  Treat these a hot leads interested in scheduling an appointment.

Chiropractic Marketing Idea #9:  Develop a Unique Value Proposition

Why should a prospective patient choose you instead of another local chiropractor?  How do you differentiate your services so you’re a better choice?

The answer to that question is your unique value proposition, which is a statement that clarifies what’s special about your services and gives people a clear way to distinguish you from the competition.

The video from In and Out Chiropractic is great example of a UVP.  They offer faster service so people can get quick adjustments.

Here is a chiropractic marketing in this case study that shows how a value proposition improves conversions.

Compare yourself to other chiropractic services in the area, then key in on specific ways your unique and superior.  Communicate this value on your website, videos, and ads.  Then compare yourself again.  Would you choose you?  Do you give people a clear reason to?

If you don’t, you’re pretty much leaving it up to luck.


Chiropractic Marketing Idea #10:  Use All-in-One Marketing Software

We often talk to chiropractors who tell us they hate marketers.  They see them as incompetent bottom feeders.

What causes this view?  It’s their experience with disparate freelancers that provided no results.

The story goes like this.  The practice hires a website design company.  They get a pretty good website, but nobody’s coming to it.  So they hire another agency to start their PPC ads.  Soon they realize they want SEO results as well, but the PPC specialists don’t do SEO.

But they know somebody who does.  Now the practice has an SEO guy.  But hey, what about all this social media stuff?  Oh, the receptionist’s niece is starting out in that field.  And by the way, you need a content writer.  Just hire somebody cheap from India.  Welcome to the team!

But it’s not a team.  It’s five different marketing services with no plan on how to work together.  This means you have no strategy and no collaboration for getting the tactics to support each other.

This way of marketing (still common with small businesses) is untenable.  Chiropractic marketplaces are too competitive.  To win, you need a comprehensive strategy that runs through all your tactics and execution.  You need your advertising goals to match the designs on your website.  Your PPC keywords help you discover what works best for SEO.  Social media traffic improves your SEO rankings, while your SEO blogging makes great social content.  Everything feeds into the same conversion goals.

Lucky for you, Marketing 360® is an all-in-one marketing software and service solution designed to solve this very problem.  You work with one marketing executive who manages all aspects of your design and marketing tactics.  Everything is done in-house at our Fort Collins, Colorado office.

The convenience is a real time saver.  But the main benefit is that we unify your marketing strategy to make sure it runs through all aspects of your work.  Each area supports the other, vastly improving your overall results.

If this sounds good to you, learn more about our marketing plans and pricing and speak with a chiropractic marketing consultant.  It only takes one call to one person.  Your marketing is already easier.

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