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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Moving Software Company Hits High Conversion Rates Across Channels

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

A software company that specializes in moving company management gets high conversion rates and ROI from every channel on the Marketing 360® marketing platform.  Here’s how they do it.

At Marketing 360®, we’re proud of our proficiency at marketing.  We have a lot of success across marketing channels and varied business verticals.

But even we have to admit that it’s unusual to have a client with strong results and high conversion rates across all the major marketing channels on our platform.

Normally this is because not every marketing channel lends itself to every type of business.  In fact, most businesses we work with don’t invest in every marketing channel.

However, there are exceptions, like this B2B moving service software company.  Here are their numbers for the last 180 days:

All conversion rates above 3%, with an average of 6.06%, led by 16% with paid search channels.

Their growth is steady:

This shows we’ve found ways to target their audience across a variety of channels.  Let’s break down how.

Targeted Traffic

This PPC Top Placement Ad on Google search converts at 19.15%:

Their most targeted keyword “moving software” converts at 24.82%:

case study software tpa keyword

Since they started working with Marketing 360®, their organic rankings have skyrocketed, with 54 terms related to moving software ranking on page one:

case study software nla data

They own two positions on page one for their main keyword target:

software serp

If people visit the site but don’t convert, we retarget them on Facebook and Google.

This Facebook ad, for instance, converts at 11.83%:

facebook retargeting ad

All of this also creates brand lift, which contributes to an increase in their direct and referral traffic.

Essential to this is the specific messaging in the ads and organic listings.  They communicate their value proposition of being “for movers, by movers” in all their collateral.

Their audience (moving companies) knows right away that this solution is specialized for their needs.  This entices interest and motivates action.

Conversion-Based Design

All this targeted traffic is, of course, essential.  But you won’t get conversion rates like these unless your website is designed for the job.

This business doesn’t waste time.  The homepage is their main landing page, and the content is focused on their strong call action:

conversion based design

It’s hard to overemphasize how important this design and content format is.  Many businesses make the mistake of adding fluff to the top of their homepage, which confuses visitors and lowers conversion rates.

This business goes straight to the call-to-action.  It’s simple and enticing for their target audience, emphasizing their specific value proposition.  This content has one purpose:  turn visitors into leads.

As you scroll down the page, you get details on the solution.  Also, they do a great job of earning trust by including review content from clients:

review content homepage

Today, customer reviews seal the deal.  These are actual customers – not just the business – touting the excellence of the solution.

Put all this together, and you have a business that converts well on every channel they target.

This is an excellent example of how the Marketing 360® platform works with a business that has a targeted, well-developed software solution.