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Marketing 360® Blog

Gmail App for the Marketing 360® CRM

Post By Scott Yoder | CRM Software

Users of the Marketing 360® CRM can now use a Gmail app that makes adding and tracking contacts a snap.

Download the app here.

This app lets you:

  1. Create CRM contacts from their Gmail account (can assign Type, Status, Source from Gmail) 
  2. Track the Gmail contacts you interact with every day.
  3. Update existing contacts’ Type, Status, or Source.  
  4. Import the contents of e-mail messages into the CRM contact history. 

Note that a Marketing 360® CRM password is required. Get started today.

Email and CRM Integration

Studies show that employees spend, on average, 28% of their time checking and responding to email. We all know email is an integral communication tool.

CRM email integration allows you to do two main things.

  1. Make sure that all new contacts get added to your CRM.
  2. Import the contents of email messages into your CRM history.

Because email is so central to business communication, making sure these two things take place is vital.

When a new important contact emerges via email, you want to make sure they get added to your CRM. With a touch of the app, this now happens.

You also need email messages to become part of your CRM records. You don’t want an employee working through an issue with a client only for them to say “Well, I emailed Sam about this already…” with no record of the message (except hidden in Sam’s email).

CRM email synchronization is vital when you consider employees across departments need client’s contact information. It’s not just the sales department anymore. It’s marketing, project management, customer service, and IT. CRM email synchronization decreases time spent looking for client info and ensures everyone is on the same page with the client’s contact history.