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A True All-In-One Digital Marketing Solution

Post By Scott Yoder | Content Marketing & SEO

As digital marketing gets increasingly complex, more businesses are looking for an all in one marketing platform to keep things manageable.  Here is an overview of what you should look for, with details on the Marketing 360® software and service hybrid.

All in one marketing is for businesses that need robust marketing but want to outsource.  They:

  • Need complete but affordable resources.
  • Want a centralized service with a main point of contact.
  • Want tools built to help them interpret their marketing and see the big picture.
  • Need to develop and execute a cohesive, multi-channel marketing plan.

Businesses searching for all in one solutions know that juggling work from independent specialists is inefficient.  It slows strategic initiatives and taxes time.

They expect an all in one marketing platform to be a time-saver.  To scale so it’s affordable.  To have better software and talent than they could develop or recruit independently.

If this sounds like a fit for your business, contact us today for to review your marketing or read on to learn more about how we designed Marketing 360®.


Why should your business use a multi-channel marketing platform that is a hybrid of talent and technology?  JB explains how Marketing 360® makes your marketing more effective – and your life easier.


The idea of an all-in-one digital marketing solution is becoming popular–with good reason.  For the typical small business owner, digital marketing is both critical and complicated.  Gone are the days when you could just put up a website with a few keywords and expect to compete.

Now savvy consumers need to be wowed with a crisp value proposition on a website with functional beauty.   Search marketing is influenced by mobile devices, geographic targeting, user history, and social media.  Video marketing – an advertising medium once only available to major brands – is open to everyone.

Enter the confused small business owner.  She doesn’t have the time–much less the expertise–to do all this herself.  Hiring in-house is too expensive, and outsourcing to multiple vendors is inefficient.

To the rescue comes the All-in-One marketing solution.  Typically, this is a software platform designed to manage aspects of search marketing, website usability, social media, and conversion rate optimization.

But many all-in-one digital marketing solutions are still very complex and require business owners to interpret the data themselves.  They’re not really all-in-one:  you get data, but you have to figure out how to use it.

The all-in-one digital marketing solution can work–when all the parts are in place.  Here are 6 critical components to look for with an all-in-one digital marketing solution:


  1. The Tech/Talent Hybrid.  This is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of the all-in-one marketing solution.  Marketing software gives you tools, but not the expertise to use them.  You need access to a digital marketing expert who can interpret data and plan improvements.  A true all-in-one solution is a hybrid:  marketing software with trained professionals at the helm.
  2. A Single Vendor.  You shouldn’t have to deal with different vendors for website design, tech support, PPC management, SEO, content writing and video production.  It is a huge time saver to tie this all together into one solution, managed on a single interface.
  3. Marketing Integration.  A single vendor should do your pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and organic search-engine-optimization (SEO).  These are two campaigns serving one objective (driving targeted traffic), and there is overlap with keyword and landing page strategy.  Modifications carry over to your website design as well as your social media marketing.  An all-in-one marketing solution should be all-inclusive, from keyword research to conversion-rate-optimization.
  4. Target Conversion Goals.  Marketing software can provide you with more data than you ever wanted–some platforms are like the all-you-can-eat buffet of digital marketing.  Most SMBs have specific conversion goals that are the crux of their marketing ROI.  Use a software platform that highlights – rather than obscures – the vital results.
  5. Own Your Website.  Some all-in-one solutions go too far:  they market to a micro-site built on their platform instead of driving traffic to your domain.  No matter what type of marketing solution you use, you should own your business website and market to it.
  6. Affordability.  All-in-one digital marketing software is enterprise-level technology.  But a small business isn’t going to get ROI out of a solution that costs more than they can ever expect in return.  Choose a solution built – and priced – for the needs of SMBs.

We built the Marketing 360® all-in-one digital marketing platform because we realized these needs were not being met for small to medium size businesses.

All businesses need online marketing.  We feel all businesses deserve a marketing platform that is accurate, manageable, and affordable.


The All-In-One Online Marketing Platform That’s The One For You

We’ve seen business with the best of intentions crash and burn.  DIY websites–that really look it.  Or expensive, beautiful websites that show up on page 18 of search.  SEO services that are a plain rip-off.  Amateur efforts at Adwords where hundreds–even thousands–of dollars are being flushed down the toilet.

Then there is marketing software that is supposed to help, but just becomes a jumble of automated reports that get passed around the office.  Arms are crossed, brows are furrowed.  And the actual marketing campaigns stay pretty much the same.

Marketing 360® is the answer you’ve been looking for.  It’s a powerful, cloud-based digital marketing platform that brings all the elements of online marketing together in one, easy to use interface.

And it’s human expertise.  We don’t strand you in the digital desert.  Marketing 360® comes with an online marketing expert that learns about your business and target audience.  They discuss data so you can work together to improve your campaign’s performance.  And beyond your designated Marketing Executive, you can access a team of designers, content writers, tech support, and video production pros–all through the same Marketing 360® cloud.

The results?

  • You save time by having you entire business marketing campaign being controlled on one platform.
  • You save money by getting the software and human expertise in an affordable, all-in-one package.
  • You understand what your marketing is doing with clear data on results.
  • You get expert advice to help you improve your marketing over time.

There is the old adage in marketing that says “I know half of my marketing budget is being wasted, I just don’t know which half”.

With Marketing 360®, you have an all-in-one digital marketing solution that finally puts that issue to rest.  When you cover things 360 degrees, you don’t waste half your effort.

You’ve got an important decision to make:  Do you want to spend your time working with new clients or looking for them? 

With Marketing 360®, there is only one answer.

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