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Marketing 360® Blog

Liquor Store Marketing Case Study: Brand Advertising Pays-Off

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

This local liquor store gets more phone calls and business with Marketing 360® increasing their brand visibility.

More businesses today are realizing that social media marketing is effective at getting brand exposure. With the right targeting on Facebook, a lot of potential customers learn about your brand.

But what many are uncertain of is whether or not this exposure translates into ROI.

Often, the problem is that brand advertising is hard to track. There’s not always a one-to-one connection to running brand ads and getting higher conversion data.

But sometimes the data is clear, as is the case with this liquor store.

Here’s their recent conversion data. As you can see, there is a direct correlation between the amount of brand advertising they do on the TPA® and STA® channels and their conversions (most conversions are through call tracking).

The more this liquor store advertises with social and paid search ads, the more calls they get.

The ads are straightforward and what you’d expect for a liquor store. For example:

The targeting for these ads is location and interest-based (including targeting sports interests):

For this liquor store, the social media traffic generated the most profitable traffic, so we’re focusing efforts on that channel.

Today, local business branding tends to have high value for marketing, though it’s not always easy to track.

This case study demonstrates that getting your name out there does result in profitable traffic.

Client reference m17777.