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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Bank Cashes in on Keyword Targets

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Paid Search

This bank uses Top Placement Ads® and Natural Listing Ads® to target the right traffic and get high conversion rates.

If there is any winning combination in digital marketing, it’s when a business ranks well for keyword phrases that create the right connections.  Specifically, a connection between something searchers really care about and the offer the business makes.

This almost always comes with a niche target.  The more specifically the offer matches the need, the better the search targeting and conversions.

Case in point is this bank which uses Marketing 360®.  Their keyword targets hit on the needs of their clients, which results in excellent conversion rates.


Hitting the Target

This bank specializes in IRA non-recourse loans.  You might not know what that is, but people who search on that term know exactly what they’re looking for.

So it’s key that they rank for those searches.  With the TPA and NLA systems from Marketing 360® at work, they rank highly for these terms.

Here are their top traffic drivers from paid channels:

bank tpa keywords

Here are their top ranking organic terms for these keywords:

bank organic keywords

The landing page that ranks for these keywords does a fantastic job of addressing the varied needs of the potential clients.  It gives people who need more information resources and has a call to action that encourages phone calls.  For those who are ready to apply for a loan, they can get started right away.

bank case study landing page

This precise targeting, strong keyword ranking, and useful content for the audience leads to excellent website conversion rates:

bank case study conversion data

As you can see, they also draw in traffic with targeted ads on Facebook (Social Targeting Ads) and, with all their exposure, get considerable brand search and direct traffic.

This is digital marketing as it should be.  A bank with an area of expertise making connections with the people who most benefit from that expertise.