Online Lead-Generation vs Online Selling

| Website Marketing

When it comes to online website marketing, sales, and lead-generation, it’s vital to understand one thing:  lead-generation and sales are not the same things.

You may think this is an obvious point, but it gets overlooked all the time when small, service-based businesses create their website content.  They try to sell their services when all they’re really trying to do is generate a lead.

Sales content must fully develop your value proposition that convinces the lead they’re going to buy from you, which requires more time for them to process.

The problem being that online leads rarely take the time to process a full-fledged value offering for a service.  When you overwhelm them with your entire sales pitch, you lose them.

A lead-generation goal, on the other hand, is a simple, low risk action you ask the lead to take.  Your only goal is to get leads to identify themselves to you so you can follow up with more sales efforts later.  This may be capturing their contact information, or maybe getting them to call you directly.

Either way, lead-generation has a specific conversion goal and content scaled back to support only that goal.  It’s not trying to tell the companies entire story or get the person to commit to handing over their credit card right away.

Lead-generation websites don’t have to fully sell your services.  You’ll do that later when you interact with them on a more personal level. Your website’s goal is to get the sales process started – not close the deal.

When you take that into consideration, you’ll see the need for tighter, specific content that leads can process quickly.  You need to make one, clear, persuasive point.

If you try to close the deal with your website content, you’ll never get the lead in the first place.

Online, selling to early kills the deal.