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Marketing 360® Blog

3 Essential Videos for Any Business

Post By Jacob Snowden | Case Studies | Video Marketing

Most businesses know that they need a video, but many don’t know what kind of video they need or where it should go. Here are 3 essential types of videos for your business, what they should include, and where they should go once they are produced.


This is the most requested video we see, and most often what people mean by “I need a video”. The purpose of this video is to convince customers to shop with YOU. This can be done in a few different ways, but the best way is to determine the why behind your business. Consider the following when determining the message of your video.

  • Why do your customers choose you over your competitors? Do you offer better pricing, better quality, better value, better support, or are you the only game in town?
  • Why did you start this business? If the answer is only to make money, then you may want to do some soul searching. More often there is a deeper reason why you started it. Example: We started Marketing 360® to helps small businesses grow, and we strive every day to accomplish that goal.

Be specific with your answers. We understand that there may be more than one why behind your brand, but pick the one that is the most impactful and focus on that. Odds are the other reasons are support for that main “why”, and can be used as such to help make your message clear.

This type of video is great for your homepage and other high profile locations, such as a featured video on your social channels; specifically YouTube. It can be used in ads, but more often a shorter version of this video will be of most value there.


These videos are often overlooked but are arguably the most important video on your website. Again, we want to consider the why behind the product, but in this case we are focused on why the client wants that specific product (not your overall brand), and how it will make their life better. Typically a product/service is alleviating a specific pain point of the customer. The larger the pain point, the more likely a customer will purchase.

Again, be specific in your why, and use any other reasons as support rather than convoluting your message.

This type of video is best for product/service pages, social channels, and shorter versions are often great for use as advertisements. We recommend doing one video per product/service, instead of fitting multiple services/products into a single video.


Once you have the above videos nailed down, it’s time to start thinking about your ongoing content strategy. The purpose of these videos can be varied, but the easiest place to start is through education. While these questions vary based on your customers and industry, consider some of the following prompts when deciding on your ongoing content.

  • How does your product work or how can it be used?
  • Is your app easy to use? What does it look like?
  • What questions do you ask in your consultations?
  • What questions should I be asking when purchasing this product/service?
  • Are there alternatives to this product? Should I consider them?
  • Is cheaper always best when considering your service?
  • Why did other customers choose you, and what was their experience?

Determine what questions your customers are asking and answer them in video format. If they are asking you these questions, they are also likely asking the internet. Wouldn’t it be great if they engaged with you before ever even calling?!

These videos are most often used in blogs, social media, and growing your YouTube channel.

There are many other videos you can create, but if you don’t have the 3 listed above start with them to maximize your conversion rates and drive additional traffic to your site. All of these videos can double as ads until you are ready to also create shorter content that is compelling in 30 seconds or less.