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Marketing 360® Blog

Tips To Improve Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Post By Lizzie Watson | Social Media Marketing

As a real estate agent, your schedule is probably packed. From traveling around town to show your listings, to emails, phone calls, and meetings, there’s not much time to focus on the marketing aspect of your business. You need an effective online marketing strategy that you can manage on-the-go. 

That’s where social media marketing comes in. Social media marketing for real estate agents can be an effective way to market your business and build your brand, all from the palm of your hand. 

Not only can social media help you reach new clients, but it also helps you strengthen past relationships and form connections with your community. Reputation and relationships are two of the most important factors in real estate agent success, and having a solid social media marketing plan can help you strengthen these pillars of your business. 

See three real estate social media tips to increase your followers, sell your listings, and engage your existing community. 

1.) Try A Paid Campaign

Paid social media marketing campaigns are a great way to reach new clients, fast. In particular, Facebook’s advanced targeting options lets you show social ads to people who are highly interested in buying a home in the area you serve. 

It’s important to create optimized ads that include strong calls-to-action and eye-catching photos. You can even test out different ads to see what photos and ad text perform best. Just make sure you avoid these common Facebook Ad mistakes!

2.) Use Video

Featuring videos on your social channel is useful for a couple of reasons. First, videos increase your social engagement, which is an important part of any social marketing strategy. Second, videos can help you throughout the home selling process. Featuring videos of your available listings on your social channels can get more eyes on your properties and even encourage people to reach out to learn more. Even if you’re not a professional videographer, these easy tips can help you capture eye-catching videos without any expensive equipment. 

3.) Show You Care 

According to a study by, 40 percent of those they questioned say buying a new home is the most stressful event in modern life. 

Homebuyers want a REALTOR® who cares about their goals and needs, and who can make the home buying process as pain-free as possible. 

Show potential clients that you care by featuring testimonial and behind-the-scenes photos on your social media channels. Do you send new homeowners a gift package, or go above and beyond to help them settle into their new home? Capture photos of you helping your existing clients, and feature them on social media. 

Another way to increase your trustworthiness is by featuring testimonials on your social media channels. Providing this kind of social proof can help you appear more trustworthy and human in the eyes of potential clients. 

About Marketing 360®

At Marketing 360®, we help real estate agents improve their online presence and grow their business through strategic social media campaigns.

We offer both social media management services and social post scheduling software, so you can plan out your social posts weeks in advance. This way, your social feed will stay updated and fresh even when you don’t have time to post. 

Learn more about our social media marketing tools for real estate agents by contacting us today!