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Marketing 360® Blog

Tips To Improve Social Media Marketing For Dentists

Post By Lizzie Watson | Social Media Marketing

As a dental practice owner, retaining and attracting clients should be one of your main business goals. While retaining existing clients largely depends on providing stellar care and a smooth dental visit experience, gaining new clients comes down to your marketing strategy. 

Social media marketing for dentists can be a powerful way to build client loyalty, attract new visitors, and increase brand authority. In this guide, we’ll provide a few social media marketing tips for dentists who want to use social media to grow their practice. 

Create Optimized Social Profiles

First, make sure that any existing social profiles you have are up-to-date and optimized. From making sure your office hours are listed correctly to using the best image sizes for your profile photos, having a professional profile is important to making a good first impression on your followers. See more tips on how to build a great Instagram profile and view our guide to building a better Facebook page for your business. 

Find Your Followers

Now that your profiles are optimized, you need to attract social media followers! Some ways to build your follower list include:

  • Linking to your social media profiles from your website. 
  • Linking to your social profiles from emails. 
  • Promoting your social profiles in your office. You could hang a sign that features your hashtags or handle names, and ask clients to follow your social profiles during their visit. Let them know it’s where they can find news about the practice and learn about any new specials or promotions. 

Introduce Your Employees

From front-office staff to dental hygienists, featuring your office’s employees on your social platforms can help make your practice feel more human and show prospective clients that you’re an office that works together and cares about your patients. Building familiarity between your staff and clients can also help you retain clients. 

Feature Reviews

Did you get a five-star Google review? Feature it on your social channel! Online reviews are an important source of social proof, which is a key part of online marketing. Showing reviews from happy clients increases your authority in the eyes of potential clients. 

Highlight Before and After Photos

Show off your practice’s work by featuring before and after images on your social platforms. On Instagram, you could make a story highlight that features all your before and afters in one place. Think of it as an online portfolio of your practice’s best work.

Share Dental Hygiene Tips

Another way to engage your followers is by posting dental hygiene tips and tricks. Post them in a visually appealing way, and include your brand’s logo and colors in the post. Posting tips is an easy way to include informative content on your social media channels and position yourself as a thought leader.

Use A Post Scheduling System

A social media scheduling system allows your posting schedule to stay on track even on your busiest days. By creating and scheduling your posts in advance, you can keep your followers engaged even when you don’t have time to post. 

About Marketing 360®

At Marketing 360, we offer social media marketing for dental practices of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting or need help revamping your existing practice’s online marketing, our team of dental marketing experts is here to help. Learn more about our all-in-one online marketing platform for dentists today!