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Marketing 360® Blog

Tap Into the Power of Facebook Recommendations

Post By Scott Yoder | Social Media Management

Facebook recommendations is a feature every business needs to be aware of.  It’s an excellent way to get referrals online.  Here’s how it works with a few tips on making sure your business looks good when it gets recommended.

How it Works

Asking for a recommendation is a type of post a user creates.  You have the option when making a post:

facebook recommendations

When you elect to ask for a recommendation, the post links into maps based on where you’re looking for a business.

Friends can then respond with recommendations and comments.

facebook recommendations from friends

As you can see, the listing shows the star rating, cost range, and address.  I click on the link to visit the Facebook business page.

From there, I’m on my way to making dinner plans.


Do you have a business Facebook page?

If the answer to this question is still no, Facebook recommendations should be the final piece of the puzzle that motivates you.

If you run a business of any type, from local service provider to eCommerce, there is absolutely no excuse for not having a fully optimized Facebook business page.

You need to claim your business page and make sure all content that can help you convert leads is on it, including:

  • All your contact information with an embedded map of your location
  • As much detail as you can provide in the about section
  • Your menu if you’re a restaurant
  • Images of your business, services, amenities, and products
  • Facebook messenger, active and ready to respond
  • Facebook reviews on with positive reviews from clients

Develop an active timeline that gives people the sense that your business is lively and vibrant.  Add posts with news, deals, client successes, curated content, inspirations, and humor.  Facebook is a perfect place to give your business some personality.

Furthermore, when someone visits your page or reacts to your content, you can retarget them with ads or videos to increase their interest in your business.

There are many business owners who continue to write-off Facebook.  Many have unclaimed pages where their customers have posted content about them.

Considering everything we’ve outlined here is free, blowing this off smacks of complacency.  If you’re still thinking Facebook is just a trite social media channel with no business value, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Consider that if you do nothing, your clients can create an unclaimed business page and make recommendations about you nonetheless.

Make sure you own your Facebook page and encourage this type of word of mouth.  The digital amplification Facebook provides means a lot more people see each recommendation, creating a valuable traffic driver for your business.