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Marketing 360® Blog

Instagram Content Strategy – Batch Photography

Post By JB Kellogg | Social Media Management

Here’s a great strategy for creating high-quality content for your business Instagram marketing that doesn’t take too much time. Follow these tips to build scalable, effective Instagram content.

#1. Batch Photography Sessions

Hire a professional photographer and get a cache of images you can use. Get this done in one day, and you could have up to 6 months worth of photos to use on your Instagram account.

#2. Variety and Authenticity

Hire a professional photographer – and let them ply their trade. You’ll want to capture a variety of images of your team in action, your office, happy customers, and products. The whole point is to get high quality images that exceed the phone snap shot.

#3. Hire an Instagram Pro

When you hire a photographer, look at their Instagram account as their main portfolio. Check their account and other Instagram images they’ve taken for clients. You want a photographer who understands what’s effective on Instagram.

#4. Turn One Day Into Six Months

You’re making this process more efficient by doing it in a one day batch, but you don’t want it to look that way. Have people who will appear in multiple photos bring several changes of clothing. Your account will look odd if everyone is always wearing the same stuff.

#5. Have a Plan and Get Inspired

You’ll need a vision – and plan – for the images you want to create. Keep in mind that you’ll be telling a story meant to transpire over months. If you’re uncertain, check other business Instagram accounts for inspiration.

#6. Plan Your Calendar

When your batch session is done, organize your images and create a calendar for them to be published. You might even use tools like Hootesuite to schedule posts in advance.

#7. Use and Repeat

Once you cycle through your images, plan another batch photography day. Plan this session differently from the previous one so you maintain variety.