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Facebook Ads Case Study: Discovering Demographic Data

| Social Media Management

How well do you know your target audience? Do you know what type of content they respond to? Do you know where they spend their time online?

Do you know what motivates them to take action?

Customer knowledge is invaluable for marketing, but many smaller businesses and startups don’t know how to gather or interpret data.

Often, the step they skip is running campaigns that are designed to gather data on their target audience. Data on demographics and behavior is the goal. These campaigns may not result in direct sales, but the knowledge gained about potential buyers provides high ROI when applied to subsequent campaigns.

One of the most effective types of campaigns for gaining customer knowledge is the Facebook branding campaign. These campaigns allow for a lot of reach, capture detailed demographic data, and are low-cost.

In this case study we’ll review how an online retailer selling olive oil and gourmet vinegar gained knowlege about their customers using Facebook ads.

Demographic Details

Here is some data from different ad sets run on branding campaigns. All the ads are similar in theme to this:

This is data for an ad that ran on Facebook:

We placed another ad on the Audience Network:

And this is data for an ad placed on Instagram:

instagram facebook data

The ads run on each of these platforms are similar. The targeting was the same. They each had engagements as a goal and got similar reach.

But look at the difference in age demographics with each ad run. On Facebook, results heavily favored an older demographic. Instagram, on the other hand, favored the youngest demographic, as did (to a lesser extent) the audience network.

Use Your Data

This data is just a glimpse at what you can do with a Facebook branding campaign. The options for testing ad types, audiences, and platforms are virtually unlimited.

You may discover that an audience with a particular interest set responds more to you ads. Or you may discover that you get more engagement and action on a particular platform.

The key is to take this data and apply it to future campaigns. For example, it’s pretty clear that this olive oil company will want to use creatives with younger people on Instagram. On Facebook, they’ll want to use messaging that resonates with the older demographic.

Facebook, more than any other digital marketing channel, requires that you think in terms of a conversion funnel. You start with brand awareness campagins then move people through the funnel towards profitable conversion.

At the top of funnel, you discover data that helps you convert when leads move to the bottom. Use this strategey and your overall return on ad spend (ROAS) will be higher.

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