Facebook Ad Targeting for Small Businesses

| Social Media Management

“Like us on Facebook” is a phrase almost as common as “Have a nice day”. But is the fact that people like your page enough?

To stay connected with your customers on Facebook, you have to produce engaging content. If people don’t like or share your posts, they will not show up in their newsfeed. Some types of business lend themselves to shareable content more easily than others.

For example, the owner of a fitness studio regularly posts videos of new workout routines and tips. Her customers watch and like the videos and are happy to share them with their friends. But let’s say you are a plumber. How do you create engaging content?

Facebook Targeted Advertising

The best lead-generation potential with Facebook marketing lies in targeted ads. Facebook allows you to fine-tune your target audience based on detailed demographics. One of the main advantages of Facebook is that the system knows a great deal about users because of how freely they share information about themselves.

As a plumber, you won’t make exciting videos of your best work, but you can advertise to people who are most likely to need your services. People in your area. People of certain age. New homeowners. People whose shopping habits suggest they are remodeling.  You can use ad targeting to put your ads in front these people when then need is active.  

Testing Demographics

Facebook also let’s you use your current followers as a way to test ad material and compare against what Facebook calls “look-alike” audiences.  You can split tests ads in different formats to discover what gets the most likes, then use that data to run larger campaigns.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the most effective tools for testing demographics because it is the most personal and interest-based of social media platforms.  You can get considerably more granular – based on distinct audiences – than you can with Google search.  Facebook is a window into your customer’s lives, and smart marketing finds promotions they’ll welcome, even on a social platform.

Overwhelmed? You are not alone. Many small business owners don’t feel like they have time to deal with social media, on top of everything else.

Should you outsource your social media marketing? It depends.  You should be connected personally to your page, posting changes and important information. If you are a restaurant, for example, Facebook is a great place to feature your daily special.  Calling your marketing agency and asking them to post that for you is not efficient.  However, if you want to utilize the analytics tools and run an ad retargeting campaign, a social media specialist can save you a lot of time while optimizing your results.

Over 1 billion people use Facebook on daily basis. How many will you reach?