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Case Study: Makeup Brand Grows Audience With Facebook Groups

2018 is shaping up to be an interesting year for businesses marketing on Facebook.

On the one hand, Facebook introduced algorithm changes so detrimental for business marketing that they’ve been described as Armageddon.  That may be extreme, but it is clear that trying to get branded material to show organically in people’s news feeds is increasingly difficult.

On the other hand, Facebook Live gives businesses a chance to reach their audiences with live video feeds.  And in fall of 2017, Facebook made it possible for a business page to create and manage a Group page (previously it was only possible to create a Group page from a personal account).

Live and Groups both offer ways for businesses to get organic exposure on Facebook, in a sense by-passing the algorithm change that makes it so hard to get posts from a business page to show up in feeds.

Here is a case study that shows how quickly you can get an audience on Facebook Groups.


Busy Moms Beauty Tips

Cosmetics is a natural for social media.  There is a great deal of shareable content, tips, and influencer marketing that can help brands get exposure.

A Marketing 360® client that sells cosmetics recognized this and wanted to do more social media marketing, particularly on Facebook.

But this is 2018.  Facebook made its choice and said good luck trying to get your business content to show up organically in people’s feeds.  This business, in fact, only had 231 followers on their business page, so marketing through that asset wasn’t showing a lot of promise.

So we decided it was time for a different tactic.  Enter Facebook Groups.

Before starting the group, we took a long look at their target demographics.  Overall, they had the audience range typical of beauty care products.  But we realized that trying to create a group around something as broad as “cosmetic tips” would be impossible.  We needed something more niche.

As we dug into their demographics and online reviews, we came across an affinity with women ages 25-35 with two or more kids who worked full-time.


You had professional women, juggling career and family, with a history of buying cosmetics.  From within those details, the idea for the Group emerged.

So we set up the page and created a custom invitation that went out to current customers, staff, and friends.  To stimulate interest, we created a poll:

facebook group poll

From just those efforts, the Group – almost overnight – ballooned to 1,183 members.  That’s really impressive considering their business page has less that 300 followers.

Activity took-off from there.  As an added bonus of having a business manage the page, they are able to add a shopping call to action that links to products on their website.

facebook groups call to action


Facebook remains as a tantalizing platform for marketers, but it requires tact.  You can’t just jump into a conversation between friends.

Instead, develop an audience that has a shared interest in a topic that also happens to connect with your brand.  As that group interacts, you get valuable exposure that leads to more traffic and sales on your website.

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