4 Tips for Increasing Organic Reach on Facebook

| Social Media Management

facebook organicOrganic reach is any reach on Facebook that happens naturally, without paying for boosted posts or advertising.

Facebook strives to be a social network, rather than a marketing tool. A place where friends and families connect. This means that unless you approach your Facebook audience as friends or family, your organic reach won’t reach its full potential.

Keep in mind that the Facebook algorithm is rather complicated and can change at any point. Think of the following as guidelines, rather than rules set in stone.


 Initially, post different types of content at various times. Watch your analytics to see when your audience is most engaged and what type of content they prefer.  Then, schedule your posts to appear at the most advantageous times.

The more you post on Facebook, the better insight you’ll have into what your audience responds to.  You then treat this like the rest of your internet marketing:  do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


Ask questions. Show interest in your Facebook people. Respond to comments, even the negative ones. If you are posting educational content, tag people who can benefit from it (when appropriate – make sure this does not reveal confidential information). With their permission, share your client’s stories pertinent to your business. For example, if you are a beauty salon, share pictures of haircuts and haircolor.

One of the things many businesses miss with Facebook is how much of a two way street it is.  Posting only your own content is akin to the person at a networking event who only talks about herself.  When you show interest in others, the entire engagement benefits.


Avoid using stock photos and content that looks too generic. Over-polished content detracts from your authenticity, which is so important on Facebook.  

Don’t be afraid to share your story. Remember, your audience should feel like friends and family. This is their opportunity to get to know you.

Use your phone and post updates about what’s happening in your business.  A restaurant can post a picutre of a daily special.  A night club about the weekend’s acts.  A contractor an image of finished deck or bathroom remodel.

Many business owns simply over-think the content they want to put on Facebook.  Remember, this is not a compilation of your greatest achievements.  It’s updates about what’s happening now.  Personal, funny, strange, and touching content is more likely to get noticed and shared.


People often overlook the networking aspect of social media. Putting out content is not enough. Like and follow other pages.  Share stories and posts that can be relevant to your audience. Who is your community? You can reach far and wide or you can stay local.  

Your Facebook page is also an excellent tool for philanthropy.  Do you support any charity?  Post their updates now and then.

These are the initial steps on your road to becoming a Facebook success story. Remember, just like any other aspect of digital marketing, Facebook evolves and changes constantly. It is important that you stay involved with your page. Take advantage of the analytics tools and use them to assess your approach.

When you connect to your audience on Facebook, you create a loyal customer base that is  more likely to recommend your business.