Replace Rational Words With Emotional Words in Website Copy

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People buy on emotion.  Improve word choice by replacing rational words with emotional ones on lead-generation business websites.

In the world of business sales, it’s well known that emotional triggers close deals.  In the sales “numbers” game, you’ll have a higher closing percentage when your connect a benefit to an emotional state.

It’s the reason Mitchelin Tires has a baby sitting on-top of a tire.  Or that guys who drink Coors Lite are somehow more lucky with ladies.  Subaru drivers care more about the environment…at least as far as people who regularly drive cars goes.

You can take advantage of this psychology on your website content by replacing rational words with emotional ones.  For example:



attractive….good looking









This list goes on.  An excellent resource for words that take sales copy to new heights is the book Words That Sell.  Worth having as a reference if you’re writing any amount of sales copy.

Keep Your Tone Conversational

You’ve probably heard of the right brain/left brain concept, which states that the right hemisphere of the brain is analytical, logical, and organized, while the left side is creative, intuitive, and emotional.

Content that is right-brain focused will sound like someone writing a report for a college professor.   It will be long, detailed, and intellectual.

Content that is left-brain is how you talk about the same topic when you go to meet your friends at the bar.  It’s brief, to the point, and simplified.

Your website will convert at a much higher rate if you keep your content left-brained oriented.

So instead of:

Terminate your career with a propitious financial portfolio

go with

Retire Rich!

It’s as simple as that.