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This is How You Know a Business Has a Strong Online Reputation: Rating Score™ From Top Rated Local®

Post By Scott Yoder | Reputation Management

Online reviews are becoming increasingly widespread.  Major platforms like Google and Facebook have them.  Yelp remains popular.  Trip Advisor, Home Advisor, Zomato, Health Grades, and an increasing array of industry review sites create a broad – and somewhat bewildering – review profile.

Of course, most consumers just want to know one thing:  is the business trustworthy and competent.  We don’t really want to sift through a dozen websites to get an answer to that question.

This is the motivation behind Rating Score™, a feature of Top Rated Local® that aggregates reviews from across the web to give an overall score which is indicative of the business’ online reputation.

rating score


Rating Score™ can be checked on any business.  Here is an example score from a local restaurant:

rating score example

Rating Score™ is a snapshot that conveys a great deal of information.  By aggregating scores from multiple review sources, you get the big picture of the business’ online reputation.

If you go on any one of the above review websites for Nordy’s, you’ll see that the reviews – through generally good – bounce around.  One person loved it because the server smiled a lot.  Another hated it because the service was slow that day.  These subjective review comments become a wash as you try to plan your dinner.

With Rating Score™, these extremes are accounted for.  If a business gets a high score here, you can be confident their online reputation is strong.  If they score poorly, it’s an indication that a lot of people were displeased with the service.

Rating Score™ is more than just a review.  It’s a quantifiable measurement of a business’ overall reputation.  Use this tool to get a complete view of a business and be confident that all the verified reviews are working together to help you make the right purchase decision.