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Social Media Management and Reputation Management – 2017 Child Care Success Summit with Q&A

Social Media Management and Reputation Management

In this video, we are going to discuss Social Media Management and Reputation Management tips and tricks to ensure you have a solid strategy when it comes to your social media presence.

Social Media Management and Reputation Management Q&A:

Q: Can I create a lookalike audience of my direct competitors Facebook page?

A: There is no way to specifically create a lookalike audience from the users who have liked your competitors’ page alone. However, if the users who “Like” or “Follow” your competitors page also associate themselves to groups, such as “Corporate Moms” or have specific interests that match your ideal target market, you can use that data to implement into your lookalike audience and potentially capture prospects who do like your competitors page.


Q: What other new and upcoming social platforms should we be looking out for?

A: Right now we focus on the larger platforms that allow for Ad Campaigns into specific demographics. As for trendy new platforms, more than likely the user base is not going to be your ideal target market. When you are creating a social media management strategy it’s important to understand the types of platforms your user base interacts with.


Q: What would be the ideal or “magical” number of posts per day on social platforms including video posts?

A: You always want to make sure that the information you are putting out there is going to stay relevant with your audience. If you are putting too much information in front of them you run a risk of them not engaging as much. We recommend 2 posts a day with a video post being every couple of days. Generally, videos are going to take more time for you and your team to put together, so make sure you can create a content library to keep up with your campaign post strategy.


Q: What is the best time to post for maximum engagement?

A: This is generally a question that can be answered with your analytics. For each social media management campaign, this is going to vary depending on each businesses demographics and type of posts you are presenting. There are times that more people are on Facebook or Instagram but because of these high traffic times, generally, everyone is posting at these times and the likelihood that your posts get seen less is high. Try varying a few different times of day you post and see what type of engagement you get. Keep track and try to find your own “Golden Time”.


Q: How do you get more engagement with your posts?

A: A great way to get people to engage is by starting the engagement yourself or through an employee. Taking time to “Comment” on a post or tag someone else in the post with a question is a great way to get people started.


Q: Can disgruntled clients respond back to your comment whether it’s on Facebook or Google Reviews?

A: On Facebook, disgruntled clients can respond back to the comment that you left trying to rectify the situation. In our opinion, it’s best to leave the original bad review with your comment/reply to try to make the situation better. However, if they respond back trying to continue the negative behavior we would then recommend you delete the ongoing correspondences and try to take the conversation offline. On Google Reviews and most review sites, they cannot respond back to your original response. Top Rated Local was actually built with this concern in mind for our clients. The comments or slanderous reviews can be hidden on Top Rated Local; although the stars will remain, it’s generally not the stars that affect the prospective client’s decision as much as the comment itself.


Q: Should we create individual Facebook pages for each location we have?

A: There are a couple different options you can take. We recommend that, if you have time, you should create individual Facebook pages per location. Especially if they are in different towns and targeting different communities. The drawback to this when you start expanding your company is the time it takes to update and keep track of these locations as well as the consistent brand messaging between each location. If you are ok with losing some individual interactions per locations, Facebook does have a “Facebook Locations” feature which allows you to create a “Parent” Page with “Child” locations attached. This allows your clients to find and interact on a micro level with those “Child” locations; however, everything is tied back to the “Parent Page.” Lastly, you could utilize one company page, no matter how many locations you have. However, this strategy significantly impacts your ability to reach specific geographical demographics and build strong niche communities. There are many options for your company to choose from, please reach out to us if you have any additional questions.


Q: How often should we be designing new ads and creatives?

A: We suggest changing ads and creatives every couple weeks or months or as often as major holidays. The main take home from “Make New Creatives” is making sure it’s top of mind to not become complacent with your creatives. Trends and topics change and you need to make sure your brand/company is staying relevant in the minds of your prospective clients.


Q: Should we use Facebook Live?

A: Absolutely yes. This is a great way to interact and get engagements with new as well as existing clients. Also, leverage the video once it’s completed by downloading it and placing it on other Social Assets like your Youtube page.


Q: Do you suggest using the same content across multiple Social Platforms?

A: We would use the same creatives but make sure to custom tailor them to each platform. Image sizes and content lengths are not the same on each platform so you need to make sure and customize each post per platform. But keeping the same image and adjusting it to each platform as well as tailoring the content per platform is a good strategy.


Q: What do we do when Facebook is creating additional locations because of the new “Checkin” feature that our clients are using?

A: One social media strategy would be to utilize the Facebook Locations feature by leveraging a “Parent” page and creating additional “Child” locations. This would be the quickest and easiest option for your company. The other option would be to manually create individual Facebook pages per location. (See question above referencing “Should we create individual Facebook pages for each location we have?”)


Q: What are the “Must Have” social platforms to have for my business right now?

A: We recommend making sure your company utilizes these social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter. Additional platforms that are good for specific demographics are Snapchat and Houzz.

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