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Marketing 360® Blog

Lawn Care Marketing Case Study Shows Reputation Management is Essential

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Reputation Management

This Marketing 360® lawn care client took their solid brand name and leveraged it to gain positive online reviews.  The result?  A growth in conversions.

A lawn care marketing client that works with Marketing 360® discovered an interesting piece of data in our SEO software.

The fourth most searched keyword for their business was from people searching for reviews.

review keyword search data

Note that this gathers data on clicks that come to their website.  However, most people looking for business reviews will click through to reviews sites like BBB, Facebook, or Top Rated Local, which means there’s considerable search for reviews of this business.

This isn’t that surprising.  Today, a local business with an established brand can expect the majority of prospective clients to check reviews.  It’s one of the main ways of vetting businesses, meaning reviews have a major impact on deciding who to hire.

Google knows this, which is why they include reviews with business listings.  These are reviews written on Google as well as reviews from Google preferred review sites.  These appear on the search result page:

google review serp

All of this re-enforces the need for reputation management.  For instance, this business – despite a strong local brand presence – had only a smattering of reviews.

Our reputation management team turned that around fast.  For example, on Google they went from 6 reviews with a 4.3 rating to 23 reviews with a rating of 4.6.

google reviews lawn care


What’s awesome is that this increase in reviews corresponds with an increase in conversions:

trl conversion data

Their website conversion rate is 22.64%, which shows that they’re driving highly qualified traffic and earning trust with their excellent reviews.

Getting a lead to convert on a website always involves a series of “yes” answers that come before the big “yes” that is the decision to hire the business.

Today, it’s a certainty that those yes answers must be to questions like:

  • Are these guys reliable? 
  • Do they have experience solving my problem?
  • Do they treat customers with honesty and respect? 
  • Are their prices fair?
  • Can I trust this business to keep their promises?

People seek the answer to these important questions by reading business reviews.

When your review profile is provoking yeses to these questions, you know it’s helping you convert leads into new customers.