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Marketing 360® Blog

How Your Small Business Can Use QR Codes

Post By Scott Yoder | Reputation Management

QR codes are technology for directing people to online content. Here a few ways to use them for your small business.

QR stands for quick response. It’s that odd-looking box you’ve probably encountered, particularly if you bought tickets for a concert or event.

…where’s Waldo?

This design allows for a limitless number of unique codes that are scanned the same way a barcode is in the grocery store.

QR codes were popular a decade ago, then most wrote them off as replaceable.

But it turns out that QR codes are more popular than ever, mainly because they work so well with cell phone technology. Most phones now have built-in QR code readers, so when someone scans the code they are quickly directed to the designated content.

That content can be just about anything you want, from an event ticket to a sales landing page.

Tactically, QR codes are effective because they can be printed on anything. Put them on flyers, business cards, and receipts. Put them on a tablecloth or bathroom wall if it serves your purpose.

For small businesses, QR codes are most helpful at creating a gateway between off and online advertising. Some ways to use them include:

  • Use as a discount code to be taken off at checkout (could be included in any ad such as print or social media).
  • Use to direct customers to any website URL, including website landing pages, social media, or a YouTube video.
  • Link to an App store download.
  • Place on print collateral such as brochures or business cards with contact details embedded in the code.
  • Put on your website’s contact page to allow people to scan contact info directly into their phones.
  • Link to a gallery image or product page.
  • Place code in your physical location (walls, tables, menus) to link to review sites so you can get more reviews.
  • Put code at the end of promotional video or webinar taking people to a landing page on your website.

Bascially, if you want to direct people to any web content, you can generate a QR code to get it done. Make sure to put the code somewhere visible where it’s easy to scan.

There are many software solutions you can use to generate QR codes such as this free QR code generator from Shopify.

If you see situations in which your customers have their phones (when don’t they?) and you’d like to direct them to online content, the QR code is a fast, effective way to take them there.