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How to Find the Best Doctors Near Me

| Reputation Management

You need to look for a new family doctor in your area.  So you start at the place most of us start – when we’re not really sure where to start.  You go on Google and do a search for “family doctors near me”.

When you do this search, you’ll get a mix of results.  There will be local clinics and private offices that run paid ads.  You’ll see Google My Business results with reviews.  The organic results will be a mix of review sites, local clinics, and maybe even unrelated news items.

You’re likely to look at this page of results and feel daunted.  The information isn’t really organized in a way that will help you actually select a physician.  Looking at the spattering of review content, you wonder which doctors have the highest patient satisfaction.

You might even refine your search to “best family doctors near me”, but now the results have another set of review sites.  You’ll still have to wade through a bunch of content to feel doctors out, and even then you realize your choice will mainly be subjective.

We have a suggestion about how you can find the best doctors in your area and check all their reviews quickly.  It’s called Top Rated Local®.

Here’s how it works.

Go to Top Rated Local® (you can do this on your desktop or download the mobile app) and use the search bar to locate family doctors in your area:

doctors near me

Click through and get a list of doctors.  But not just any list.  These are doctors/clinics are listed in order based on their Rating Score™.  That means that the family doctors that have the overall best reviews/online reputations in the area are listed at the top.

doctors near me trl listing

Rating Score™ is a tool that aggregates all the online reviews from verified reviews sites.  Its program takes into account the cumulative ratings, number of reviews, and number of review sites the doctor is on, then calculates the score, which gives a strong indication of their overall reputation.

For example, I click through to one doctor where I can easily see all the review platforms he’s on, with his total review scores on each.

trl doctors near me page

When you look at this content you see what a time saver this tool is.  Instead of having to weed through Google results and varied platforms, they’re all in one place with total scores visible.  I click through to each site to read the reviews on each to quickly get a sense if I think this is the doctor for my family.

We use the example of doctors in this post because it’s particularly difficult to evaluate medical services on Google search or individual review platforms. But you get the same convenience and accuracy searching for any type of service.

Top Rated Local®, like Marketing 360®, is part of the Madwire suite of marketing products.  We think this is one of the most useful tools we’ve developed yet, both for consumers and for businesses.

So next time you need to find the best businesses near you, you know where you can find them fast.

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