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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: You Can Get More Reviews (Just Ask for Them)

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Reputation Management

We present this short case study to drive one important point home.  You can control the number of reviews you get and, to a large extent, the quality of those reviews.  Here’s how.

Most businesses today understand the impact reviews have on their business.  A positive review profile can make you; a poor one can break you.

However, many people leave their review profiles to fate.  They do their best work, of course, but then simply hope customers will leave them glowing reviews.

Often, this doesn’t happen.  Many review profiles languish.  Some are hounded by just a few negative reviews.  Business owners shrug and hope for the best.

But you don’t have to be that passive about it.  A simple email template and a concerted effort to ask for reviews can yield fast results.

Marketing 360® client Solitude Cabins is a good example.  Not much was happening with their online reputation.  They had some reviews on Google, but they were older and not really reflecting well on their business.

They needed to put some polish on their reputation.

So our reputation management team went to work.  Action one was to set them up on Top Rated Local®.  Action two was to ask their many happy clients – all of whom had left the splendor of Colorado and gone back to their everyday lives – to relive their Rocky Mountain experience and tell others about their stay.  We used this type of email template:

rm email template

This email went out to a list of customers, as did one to get reviews on Top Rated Local®.

The result was a huge influx of positive reviews for both platforms.

These campaigns started on 11/12/18 with these review stats:
– 4 reviews on TRL
– 76 reviews on Google

In a little over a month (12/18/18) these are their review stats:
– 53 reviews on TRL
– 98 reviews on Google

So 49 reviews generated on TRL and 22 reviews generated on Google.  Their rating score overall is 98.77 with a 4.8 average on Google and 5.0 average on Top Rated Local®.

It’s worth noting that it’s not just that they have a greater quantity of reviews, but recent reviews from last season’s guests.  Many businesses overlook the fact that a strong profile that doesn’t have any new reviews in over a year isn’t really that strong.  People want to know what you did for someone yesterday, not last year.

Need help building your online reputation?  Take a look at our professional reputation management services today.