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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Dental Website Turns Trust Into Conversions

One thing we note often at Marketing 360® is that a major key to getting prospects to convert is earning their trust.  Consumers choose businesses they trust.

This means a couple of things.  First is that you can be doing a lot of things right, including targeting traffic, having a clean design, and communicating value, but if – for some reason – people don’t trust you, your conversion rates will suffer.

On the other hand, you could have a very basic website design but if people feel they can trust you, you convert well.  We see this sometimes with websites that have a kind of home-spun quality to them.  They’re not flashy, but the personalized feel appeals to visitors.  Authenticity is very effective.

So is reputation.  We know for sure that highlighting customer reviews is not only effective, it’s a necessity.  Word of mouth is now published online, and consumers expect to see legitimate reviews of a business.  Often, this becomes the most influential content.

You have to be aware of user reviews published on third-party review sites to be sure.  But you can also be proactive by publishing more reviews and testimonials on your website.  This works best when they are placed into your design, not just pushed onto a back page.

Here is a case study from a Marketing 360® from a dentist that gets this right.

Case Study:  Dental Website You Can Trust

Clean and white is a good way to keep your teeth.  It’s also not a bad way to design a website.

This Maryland dental office gets right to the point with where they are (in the business name), what they do and how you can contact them.

But they also start building trust on the homepage.  They use the phrase “voted top dentist” to get things started.  They also use the Top Rated Local® widget on the bottom right.

dental case study homepage

But perhaps most importantly, they highlight patient testimonials right on the homepage.  You don’t have to navigate anywhere to get some positive, specific comments from actual people.

And they don’t stop with just these.  When you click through to the appointment form, there are more testimonials to the right:

dental reviews

The reviews are genuine and specific, which is important in making them trustworthy.

This website has a very proactive approach to presenting review and testimonial content, and it shows in their conversion results (last 30 days):

dental case study conversion data

A 10.06% conversion rate overall is very healthy, with an outstanding 14.52% on organic traffic.

One suggestion that might improve things even more for this site is to use photos with the testimonial content, like this optometry practice does:

optometry testimonials

Adding an image of the person is the final touch that really puts the content over the top and engenders real trust in visitors.

Trust.  It tends to be black and white online.  Either you have it or you don’t.

If you have it, converting visitors is all downhill.  Without it, you struggle even if you’re otherwise doing things right.

Get some reviews and add them to your website content.  It’s nothing fancy, which is a good thing when it’s effective.