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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Chiropractic Uses Testimonial Videos to Win New Patients

This Marketing 360® chiropractic client offers an alternative laser treatment that many new patients are unfamiliar with.  They use videos testimonials to win the confidence of new patients.

We all have a natural instinct to fear the unknown.  It’s uncertain, it might not work, it might waste time and money.  Or – even worse – it might cause pain.

A chiropractor came to Marketing 360® facing this marketing problem.  He developed a laser therapy procedure to facilitate chiropractic healing.

However, no matter how much the practice talks about the benefits of this procedure, a high percentage of prospective patients have doubts.  That natural fear of the unknown kicks in.

So how, from a marketing perspective, does a business like this overcome this fear and get people to try a new, helpful option?

It goes back to good old word of mouth.

What people in this situation want to hear is that it worked for other people.  And they want to hear directly from their mouths.


The Testimonial Video

This chiropractic practice does a particularly good job developing testimonial videos from clients who experienced these procedures.  Here is an excellent example:

There are several important factors to note here:

  • Jeff gains attention by describing his problems – the pain he was in.  People who have similar problems feel an instant affinity with him.
  • Jeff does an effective job of telling this as a story.  He turns the pain in his back into the unfortunate state of missing out on playing with his grandchildren.  Then he ties the solution into getting back to that part of his life.  Really effective.
  • Next, Jeff reviews the questions he – and any new patient – would have when starting this type of procedure.  As he talks about how he was reassured by the doctor, viewers feel reassured.
  • He brings it home by talking about how alleviating pain has improved his life and let him be himself.  In the end, he specifically endorses this doctor and treatment.

Jeff’s unrehearsed, natural speech gives this testimonial authenticity, which is important.  He’s speaking from the heart, so his recommendation is genuine.

This is an excellent example of how to use a testimonial video on your website.  This practice has a page with 15 of these videos, along with written testimonials.

This is an effective way for a business like a chiropractor to generate positive “word of mouth” for their business.  While they’ll also benefit from getting more positive reviews online, the reality is that chiropractors rarely have perfect review profiles.  There are too many variables with people’s conditions to help everyone, and as Jeff says, people with chronic pain can be “mad at the world”.  Such a person doesn’t leave a positive review if things don’t go their way.

The content they use on this website gives them an element of control over the message.

And it works.  When they added this content, they saw a lot of viewership of the videos and an increase in website conversion rates.

chiropractic case study conversion data

As is often the case with strong marketing, conversions increased while traffic (and its associated costs) actually decreased.  This shows that the targeting and content came together to deliver optimal results.

If you need the story of satisfied clients to be told so your prospective clients can get past their initial concerns, try some testimonial videos.

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