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Marketing 360® Blog

Marketing 360® Payments for Processing and Managing Transactions

Post By Lauren Meeker | Blog | Product Updates

Easy & Secure Payment Processing for your Business

Few things in business are as foundational as accepting, processing, and managing payment transactions.

I mean, you want people to pay you, right?!

The basics of payment processing are essential: accept a variety of payment types in store, in person, online or on the go. Make sure these payments are processed securely, invoices are sent and managed, disputes processed when necessary, and more.

More importantly, you want all of it to be easy.

Payments is a brand new app inside Marketing 360®. Leveraging Marketing 360® Payments gives you access to all the basics of processing & managing payments, but it also brings you one step closer to the all-in-one experience of managing your business operations and marketing from one place.

Accept & Manage Payments

Managing your business’ capital is essential for growth. The Payments app allows you to create and send customer invoices, collect payment, and process any disputes when you have to.

You can also see in-depth customer profiles, where you can securely monitor their billing info, payments on file, invoices, and more.

Sell Everywhere

The beauty of an online payments app like this one is that you can sell everywhere your business can. It’s kind of like a good Dr. Seuss book…

You can sell in the store. You can sell on the go. You can sell online. Oh! The business you’ll grow!

Well, even if Dr. Seuss doesn’t have a book about it, you get the point.

The Payments app can connect with different POS systems for in-store processing. It can also connect with the Woo360® and Websites 360® Shop App for selling online via your website or social media.

Lastly, you can create an invoice in about 1 minute that is emailed to the customer, so you can accept payment while you’re out & about on the job.

However you choose to run your business, the Payments app is there to help you sell everywhere.

Sell Securely

Marketing 360® Payments works in partnership with Stripe for online payment processing, giving us comprehensive and rigorous security.

Our team of engineers, together with Stripe, have built this Payments app from the ground up with security, redundancy, and scalability in mind.

Here are some of the nerdy specs that go into making it safe and secure for you to sell easily:

  • PCI DSS Level 1 certification
  • Money Transmitter Licenses across the US
  • AFSL in Australia, E-Money License in Europe, and registered MSB in Canada
  • SSAE18/SOC 1 type 1 and type 2 and SSAE18/SOC 2 type 1 and type 2 reports
  • PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant

Sell with Confidence

Now that you know how easy it is to manage & that Marketing 360® has your back with the tech and security, you can sell, sell, sell with confidence!

Plus, as a customer and user of the Payments app, you get access to a full team of INFO FROM AUDRI!

What Else Can the Payments App Do?

You know that the Payments app can manage your business’ capital, invoices, and transactions, but what are some of the details that really make this thing work for small businesses?

Point of Sale Systems

We provide the best-in-class POS software and hardware for any industry.

Convenient Payout Management

Choose when you want to receive payouts from the Payments app to your bank account: daily, weekly, monthly, or even instantly.


The Payments app supports both US and Canadian currencies.

Business Capital

Simple and fast cash-advance funding for your business

Marketing 360®

The Marketing 360® Payments app is integrated with tons of other tools you need to effectively manage and market your business. It’s an all-in-one solution! (More on this in just a minute).

Get Started

It takes just two minutes to fill out the application for Marketing 360® Payments to find out if you’ll be approved to sell. Then, we’ll connect you with your dedicated team at Marketing 360® to get set up so you can start accepting & managing your payments today!

Connect Payments & Marketing to Fuel Your Brand®

The beauty of using the Payments app in Marketing 360® instead of a separate provider is that you also get access to more than 10 different tools you can use to manage and market your business.

Tools like a CRM, online reputation & review management, email & text marketing, and social media management just to name a few. You can also connect and manage multi-channel advertising and content marketing too.

High-Level & Detailed Reporting

You can use Payments reporting information to see tangible results from your marketing efforts.

See the big picture for your Payments activity, tracking stats like revenue growth, the numbers of customers and transactions, and any refunds.

You can also see a high-level of payouts heading to your bank!

This high-level reporting is great for a quick daily check-in. When you want to get more detailed, you can view an in-depth look at every transaction or dispute your business has processed via the Payments app.

Maintain Contacts in the CRM

Keep good records of your customers’ info with the CRM app. Payments has high-level contact info related to their direct purchases. Copying that info into the CRM allows you to integrate with other Marketing 360® apps, such as Nurture for ongoing communication. Which leads me to…

Nurture with Email & Text Marketing

When your customers purchase, you can give an opportunity to to subscribe to email or text updates from your brand. You can use the email & text tools in the Marketing 360® Nurture app to keep in touch to encourage repeat business.

Manage your Online Reputation & Reviews

Maintain your Reputation app & Top Rated Local® profile allows you to easily request reviews from your customers after you do business together. With Reputation, you can request reviews via a pre-built email or text message template. Asking for reviews is a foundational way to manage your reputation online.

Integrate Selling on Social Media Channels

Building social media engagement around your business is great for brand awareness, but let’s kick it up a notch. The Payments app can integrate with Facebook and Instagram so you call sell directly via social channels.

Grow with Multi-Channel & Content Marketing

The mission of Marketing 360® is to help small businesses grow. That’s why we also leverage paid ad, SEO, and content marketing reporting via our Ads and Content apps so you can see which channels are working to grow your business. 

In conclusion, the Payments app gives you everything you need for easy and secure transactions flowing through your business, and the many other Marketing 360® apps help you grow your business so you can process more and more transactions. Let’s get started today!