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Marketing 360® Blog

Build Your Social Media Presence from One Place: Marketing 360

Social media marketing is all about how you can stay active and engaged with your community when you can’t be with them physically. It even works to grow your community of friends, followers, and connections that only know you through social channels.

As customers consider working with you, they turn to your social channels to get to know your story. An active and positive presence on social media can lead to increased sales, customer retention, and referrals to their friends and family — all good indicators of growing your business!

However, maintaining an impressive social media presence is not simple. It takes persistence, fresh and ongoing content, an effective strategy, and a little bit of creativity to manage your social media presence for your business and brand.

Even if creating social content comes naturally for you, it takes precious time and effort to log in to your separate networks to create and publish the content regularly.

That’s where Marketing 360 comes in. Our team is dedicated to creating the technology that makes digital marketing simpler to manage. Now you can spend less time managing your social media channels from all over the internet and do it all from one place.

Today, we proudly announce the Social app as a brand new feature in Marketing 360. Let’s dive in.

Post More Efficiently

With our new Social app, you can connect up to 10 different social media accounts. From one screen, you can create and schedule content in bulk, which allows you to post more efficiently or to spread the workload across your team.

Connect Profiles

The Social app from Marketing 360 allows you to connect your different social accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business (Instagram and Pinterest coming soon).

If you want to connect and manage 10 different Facebook profiles, go ahead! There are no restrictions to the number of profiles you connect per network so long as you stick to 10 profiles total on Marketing 360.

You can always switch up which accounts are connected to the Social app if you change your mind or don’t need to use a certain profile anymore.

Create Posts

Once your social profiles are connected, it’s time to get to work creating content.

Creating posts can be done one at a time per profile, or you can create many in bulk. The tech is flexible to meet your work style.

Post the Same Message to More Than One Profile

There are often times when you have a message that you want to share with all your social communities. When the text content of your post is the same, you can create multiple posts for the different channels at one time.

Choose the right profiles for the message, then add hashtags, images, and the text content. Choose the date and time the post should publish, and you’re all set!

You can customize the hashtags and images quickly for each different profile that you select for the post. In other words, you can keep the same text content and publish date/time, but change up the hashtags and images to make it unique and more successful for the different platforms.

Create a Series of Posts in Bulk

You can really save yourself time day-to-day by dedicating a session to focus on creating content all at once and then schedule it to post whenever you want.

In this instance, you can select the profile(s) once and copy it across many different post templates. Now you can customize the hashtags, images, publish date/time, and text content for each different post. Basically, you’re doing the work for 10 different posts all at once.

Using the social app in this way allows you to dedicate time and effort on creating content in Marketing 360 and scheduling it to post throughout the next month (or whatever time frame you choose).

This way, throughout the day-to-day, you don’t have to think about what to post on your social media and then go through the effort of logging into 10 different profiles just to get your message out.

Get in the zone and take care of it while that’s your primary focus. Then, move on!

You should still check in regularly on your channels to engage with your community, such as by responding to comments or messages. But that’s much faster when you don’t have to create the content on the fly too.

Make Beautiful Images with the Creative App

Social posts with images get 94% more engagement than text-only posts. Not only does a post with an image stand out more in a crowded feed, but you really increase the wow factor of your content.

Original photos of your business, products, team, and more tend to perform the best. However, if you don’t have a picture that matches the message you want to say, you should create an image with the text on it using a cool background that matches your brand.

Marketing 360 has a free Creative app that lets you create social images that are already templated to the correct sizes for the different platforms. That way, no matter what you have to say, you can create an image to go with it. Then, you can quickly save and use these images when you create social posts.

Increase your engagement with easy-to-use tools all within the Marketing 360 app.

Preview Drafts

After you create posts for the different profiles, you can preview them the way they’ll show up on your different channels.

The Draft tool is handy because it simulates the way the post will actually look on your social profile. You can see which profile it’s connected to, the date and time you picked to publish, and any image, message or hashtags you’ve included as well.

From here, you can quickly edit an individual post to switch up any of the elements or delete the draft altogether.

When you like what you see, you can officially schedule the post to publish.

Review Scheduled Posts

As soon as you move the post from Draft to Scheduled, Marketing 360 talks with your connected accounts to make sure the content publishes at the date and time you picked.

If you want to stop a post from publishing, you can send it back to Draft to make edits, or you can delete it. Just make sure you get to it before the date and time you picked. Otherwise, the content will post as scheduled.

Limit Mistakes and Empower Your Team

Many small business owners work with a team to stay active on social media. For some, that comes with no worries or issues, but for others, there are mistakes about what, how, or when things are posted.

The Social app from Marketing 360 gives your team different roles and permissions to limit these mistakes between the different people working together before things are live on your profiles.

The Draft and Scheduled posts views are handy when you create a lot of content in bulk and then want to check in at a later time. Additionally, you can have different people on your team working on your social accounts.

Use the Draft and Scheduled tools to make sure everything lines up consistently before it hits your public channels. If something isn’t approved by the Scheduled date, you’ll see an alert letting you know the date passed. We won’t publish anything that isn’t approved.

You can add users to your Marketing 360 account with limited permissions to create social post drafts. Then, as the owner, you can view posts in a Pending state. This allows you to delegate curating and creating social content to other teammates, but still maintain top quality to make sure you approve everything before it’s published.

If that’s daunting and you generally trust your team to publish without approval, you can adjust the settings so that new posts don’t need approval before publishing.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to effectively run your business. You get to dictate how that best works for you and your team!

Social Approvers

To take it one step further, the Marketing 360 Social app has a specific role called the Social Approver. This role can be assigned to any user already on your account, or it can be a standalone role.

Anyone on your account can be a Social Approver. With that permission, you can move content from Draft to Pending or Scheduled so that it publishes on your channels. Without the permission, you can create new content and save it as a draft, but you can’t post anything or schedule it directly.

Social influencers are a great reason to activate the Social Approver role by itself. For example, if you work with different social influencers, you can add them into Marketing 360 as Social Approvers. From there, they can only access the Social app to create and schedule content to publish without you having to micromanage or be in the middle.

Since they can only access the Social app, you don’t have to worry about Social Approvers messing with other parts of your digital marketing strategy.

This is Just the Beginning

The Marketing 360 Social app is one of our newest features, and it’s only just beginning. We’re proud to launch it as another tool that makes it easier to grow your business and stay actively engaged with your community.

Our team is working on social tools for Instagram and Pinterest and works hard to continuously improve on what exists today.

Since social media channels are ever-changing, you can expect our team to be on top of these changes so you don’t have to be. You worry about your business. We’ll take care of the tech to get you there.

Need Help? We Can Do It For You

As with a lot of our apps, we have a team of pros working with small business owners like you each and every day. If you’re not interested in creating or managing your own social media presence, you can hire our team to do it for you.

We use the same Marketing 360 Social app as we toured here today, so hiring us is like hiring an internal social media manager to do the work for a fraction of the price of an employee. You can still decide whether you want to approve each post before it goes out, or if you like what you see, you can auto-approve everything and not have to worry about a thing.

Let’s get started today. Get in touch with our team to go over plans and pricing!