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Marketing 360® Blog

Internet Marketing Plans & Pricing for Small Businesses

Post By Scott Yoder | Paid Search

At Marketing 360®, we speak with thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs every month who are researching internet marketing plans.  And even though the businesses are often different, everybody wants to know the same things. What is the main marketing plan, and how much will it cost?

While the answers are always business specific, it is possible to break plans down into several main categories.  Consider these as you plan a marketing strategy and budget for your small business.


Internet Marketing Plan Point #1:  Website Design

Since the business website is the backbone of an internet marketing plan, early discussion centers on its design.

At Marketing 360®, we create conversion-based website designs.  This means the design strategy is built around lead generation and online sales.  Our main focus is on the action you want the visitor to take – aka the conversion.

Second, we believe in user-friendly designs.  This means that we focus on ease of use, simple navigation, and helping visitors complete their task, instead of creating over-the-top graphics that confuse more than they impress.  Modern, professional, and task-focused are the core areas of our design strategy.

We mainly use a series of proprietary, website design templates built on our UXI® content management system.  We build these mobile responsive templates for different business verticals, then customize the design specifically for your business.

Using a template saves time and money.  We have many of the best conversion elements built into the template designs, and since we’re not starting from scratch, the design project is much faster than a fully custom site.

At the same time, UXI® is not a cookie cutter template with a DIY format.  We know most serious business strategies need better.  You work with a professional designer to customize your website so you get a design that gives you a competitive advantage.

These sites are also easy to edit using our back-end software.  This is important because any website design strategy must allow for modifying the content, graphics, and layout to maximize results.  As we test and analyze data over time, we refine your website to get the most conversions possible.

What is the pricing for website design?

UXI® breaks down like this:

Your design is free when you use Marketing 360® software and services for a minimum of 6 months.  We make this offer because we know a website alone – with no marketing plan – is of little use.  We encourage you to put your budget into marketing rather than a website design fee.  After 6 months, the marketing plan is month to month and the website design is yours to keep.

A UXI® design project alone is $3000.   This flat rate covers most SMB website design needs.

Custom website design projects are bid based business need.  We only recommend this for a business that has specialized functionality requiring custom work.  Design project can range from $3000 to more than $20,000 depending on the complexity.

Contact us to learn about a website design for your business:

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Internet Marketing Plan Point #2:  Paid Search Marketing 

An essential strategy with online marketing is paid search, often known as pay per click (PPC).

Today, search engines like Google and Bing have paid search platforms.  These are systems where you select keywords, write ads, and develop campaigns, then set budgets that determine your search ranking and exposure levels.

PPC advertising is an essential part of your marketing strategy.  It gives you control over your ad placement and landing page content.  You get traffic as soon as you create the campaigns (unlike SEO, which takes time to rank).  You get a great deal of data with paid advertising, making it one of the best channels to gain insight into your customers’ responses to your content.

What is the Pricing for PPC Advertising? 

PPC pricing depends on several individual business factors, including your location, business vertical, keyword targets, and competition.

A lawyer in Manhattan, NYC is going to need a larger PPC budget than a lawyer in Manhattan, Kansas.  A plumber with a lot of competition needs to spend more than a dog walker with little competition.  It also depends on how many campaigns you run and how much exposure you want to shoot for.

Some businesses only spend a few dollars a day on PPC.  Others spend thousands.  Any budget is worth it if you get a return on the investment.

All marketing agencies that you outsource PPC management to will charge a fee.  Businesses who outsource paid advertising management not only save time, but also can lower the costs of their campaigns through professional optimization (which offsets a lot of the management fee).

The current Marketing 360® structure is:

  • 35% of the paid search budget is management fee.  For example, if your Adwords budget is $1,000 per month, the management fee is $350.
  • For accounts with budgets over 50k, the management fee is a flat 15k monthly.

Work with a marketing consultant at Marketing 360® to get free research on what you’ll need to spend to be competitive in your market.  You can get an idea of cost-per-clicks for some of your possible keyword targets on the Google Keyword Planner.

Contact us to get an accurate idea of the PPC budget you’ll need:

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Internet Marketing Plan Point #3:  SEO and Earned Traffic

Search-engine-optimization (SEO) is probably the most complicated aspect of digital marketing.

First, let’s dispel the myth that SEO is free.  It may not be pay-per-click, but it’s not free.

Rather, it takes considerable planning and content creation to earn this traffic.  SEO is about understanding your lead’s information gaps, then creating content that fills them in a way that coincides with their buying journey.  Useful information specific to a user’s search query is just the type of thing Google wants to rank.

It’s necessary to add fresh content to your domain regularly, and that content needs to be valuable for your target audience.  You also have to analyze and target the right keyword phrases, optimize various areas of your website, build links, get amplification and user metrics – all while creating content that still helps your conversion rates.

What is the Pricing for SEO Services? 

Many agencies charge several thousand a month for SEO packages that cover the gamut of keyword research, website optimization, content creation, link building, and analysis.

And like PPC, the plan that works depends on the business’ needs.  Some local businesses in small markets can easily rank for their target keywords with a minimal investment.  Others need to retain an agency for thousands per month.

An SMB in a mid-size market will probably fall somewhere in between.

Our Natural Listing Ads® programs strives to deliver high ROI by focusing on conversion results instead of just rankings and traffic.  If you’re not winning new business, SEO can become a costly endeavor.

There is a wide range of activities that fall under the categories of SEO, content marketing, and earned traffic.  Here is a list of the some of the most important tasks we execute (1 credit = $1)

seo pricing

Learn more about what you need to invest in SEO:

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Internet Marketing Plan Point #4:  Social Media Marketing

More recent to the digital marketing scheme is the rise of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social media is alluring because so many consumers are there.  It’s like a happening party where you can find people – including your prospective clients.

The issue tends to be that – like that party – people are not there because they want to hear a sales pitch.  They want to connect with friends and family.

The trick with social media is to find ways to connect that don’t come across as solicitation.  This makes social media marketing great for creating awareness and to use as a retention tactic for existing clients.

What is the Pricing for Social Media Management? 

First, consider whether or not you need to outsource social media in the first place.  Social media marketing, which is topical and often real-time to the business, is an area of digital marketing you can consider keeping in-house.  It’s a form of networking, which can be done by someone who actually works with you.

Still, many businesses lack the time to consistently interact on social, nor do they have a plan for how it will impact their marketing.

In this case, hire social media marketing consultants like those at Marketing 360® to create and execute a plan for you.

Our plans range from $595 – $1495 per month depending on how many social media channels you want to manage.  This includes paid budget to boost posts.

Contact us to learn more about social media marketing:

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Internet Marketing Plan Point #5:  All-In-One Marketing Software

One of the things small businesses struggle with when planning digital marketing is finding a way to put everything together into a manageable system.  With all the disparate tools and strategies, online marketing can veer out of control, leaving you with the marketing problem you want to ditch:  not being able to determine if your investment is driving the desired results.

People often ask us what makes us different.  Why should I choose Marketing 360®?

The answer is that we have the best integrated marketing software for small businesses in the industry today.  We’re committed to creating a manageable platform that puts everything we’ve discussed into a single interface.  From PPC to social media, you can track your traffic and its results.

You can manage your budget and assign marketing tasks to our team of marketers, copywriters, developers, and multi-media specialists.  You have a designated marketing executive who ensures your plan is working, and constantly analyzes your data, looking for ways to improve your conversion rates.

We even integrate free CRM software so you can track leads and manage customer contact info, all in the same system.

Marketing 360® is the hub of your digital marketing planning and work. Here’s an overview:

What is the Pricing for Internet Marketing Software?

Marketing 360® is software as a service combined with unlimited marketing consultations with your executive.  The flat rate is $395 per month.

Many of our competitors offer only marketing software at a subscription rate of thousands per month.  These do not include time consulting with a digital marketing executive.

So, with all this put together, how much do you need to invest to develop a solid, competitive marketing plan built for long-term growth?

We work with a lot of small businesses advertising in local markets that can compete in a $600-$1000 a month range.  In larger markets or for national-level exposure, it will be more.

The only way to accurately answer this question is to analyze your business plan.  Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and demo of the Marketing 360® platform.

Knowing what you need to invest in marketing is key to planning almost every other aspect of your business.  We’ll help you develop a plan designed to bring long-term profits and growth.

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