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Google Shakes Up Ad Management By Abandoning Accelerated Delivery

Post By Jason Atkins | Paid Search

The push towards automation is in full swing, with another recent move coming by Google mothballing accelerated delivery for the Google Ads program.

Looking back, the Accelerated Ads program reads like a Google idea that simply is not effective anymore, like Google+. Accelerated Ads was a good idea if your small business was not budget-restricted and needed to get your ads in front of an audience quickly. The problem being, less chance to let the algorithm adjust for variances and burning through your budget indiscriminately.   

When utilizing accelerated delivery, it was possible to exhaust the daily budget early. This would prevent ads from being seen later in the day when they may receive more views. Geographically, accelerated ads had a disadvantage due to time zones because the ads were dumped all at once without regard for the variances.       

Google themselves were warning potential users about accelerated delivery months ago, and that it may not work for those with a limited budget, i.e. small businesses. 

Is This A Good Thing? 

While it may be unnerving, the algorithms have gotten so good that Google believes it can handle ads better than you can. The argument can be made that this assumption is completely true. 

With the new and improved “standard” ad delivery, business owners simply fill out the options and push “enter”. Google injects ads intravenously into the SERP based on the information you provide. Parameters like budget, region, and hours are all customizable and the algorithm will adjust for unforeseen variances.  Standard ad delivery is intuitive, and you will not blow all of your budget at an inopportune time.