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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Metal Recycler Learns That Paid Search Pays-Off

Post By Scott Yoder | Paid Search

A metal recycling company started their marketing campaigns without investing in the paid search channel. They discovered they were missing their best marketing ROI.

It’s common for us at Marketing 360® to speak with businesses that don’t want to use the paid search advertising channel (Top Placement Ads®).

The reason is…well, they don’t want to pay for the paid search channel.

They know that organic search is an option, and one that isn’t pay per click.

While it differs for every type of business, this is often a misapprehension. Paid search is the fastest way for many businesses to get a foothold so they can drive traffic and begin to create brand awareness.

And in some cases, paid search is just the channel that drives the most conversions.

This case study is an example. The business offers commercial scrap metal and electronics recycling.

This is not an everyday service that allows for much brand awareness. When someone needs to recycle scrap metal, they search for “scrap metal recycling” in their area.

For these types of searches, paid search pays off.

A look at their conversion data over the last 6 months shows this clearly (the blue area is TPA paid search channel)

As they gain visibility through paid search, their conversions climb. It didn’t take long for TPA to become their top conversion channel:

11.74% conversion rates with 56.4% of their conversions coming through this channel.

They get strong ROI from paid search because the search queries they rank for are both specific and have high buying intent. People don’t do much search for commercial metal recycling services – unless they have a pile of metal they need off their lot.

However, it’s also worth noting other KPIs.

Their brand/direct channel gets the second most conversions and has the highest conversion rate at 15.35%.

In the period prior to running TPA compared to the current period, the conversions on the brand channel went up 125.88%. The conversion rate went from 9.36% to 21.40%.

Likewise, their homepage organic impressions jumped up 573.17%:

We see this a lot. The paid search brings the brand and organic channels up with it.

Traffic begets more traffic. More people know of their brand name and return to their website. It’s a rising tide.

You have to pay for the paid search channel. But remember that marketing isn’t really a cost, it’s an investment.

When you’re getting more back in profit than you’re paying, that paid channel looks pretty good.