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Case Study: Limousine Service Discovers the Power of Call Only Campaigns

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Paid Search

There is something beautiful about the most direct path to a conversion.

Often, converting online surfers into leads is anything but direct.  Busy people with multiple devices on innumerable websites simply don’t take direct action.  They delay, get distracted, hesitate.  They forget what they were supposed to do.

This is why we run remarketing campaigns with so many clients.  These ads stay with procrastinators and aimless surfers, reminding them of what they’re supposed to get done.

But there are other situations that are the total opposite.  A flooding bathroom at 10 p.m.  A crying kid who may have broken his arm.  A spur of the moment social occasion where everybody’s hungry and ready to go out an eat.

And a businessperson at the airport who realizes they need limo service within the hour.

With these situations, you want the most direct conversion method possible.  You want one with a natural call to action on a mobile phone.

You want a call-only campaign.


Case Study:  Call-Only Drives High Conversion Rates with Lower Cost Per Conversion

The data for paid search tells the story with this Florida limousine service.

limousine service ppc data

The call only campaign:

  • Has the highest conversion rate at 25.79%
  • Has the most conversions overall at 57
  • Has the lowest cost per conversion of any ad

The value of this campaign is clear just from this data.  But it doesn’t tell the full story.

With call-only campaigns, a phone-call is the conversion.  Not just somebody filling out a contact form or requesting a quote.  They are calling the business itself.

Any limo service can tell you that when you get phone leads, you convert far more of them into paying customers.  There is far more intent to hire a service when a phone call is made.

Better yet, they run a different ad group that geo-targets the airport, where conversion rates are stellar.  There is no lead more certain to hire a car than one that’s waiting at the airport terminal.  It’s practically a sure thing.

Of course, their marketing executive is sure to run these ads only at times of the day when someone can take the call.  You don’t want to pay for clicks just to get someone to voicemail.

The trend shows in their overall data.  An increase in conversion rates going with a decrease in cost per conversion and cost per click.

limousine case study data


When they work, call-only campaigns are dynamite.  They capture the hottest leads and drive the highest ROI.

If you know your leads are on their phones, ready to call, start running call only campaigns today.

Learn more about how to market a limousine service.