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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Carpet Cleaners Masters Conversion Tactics

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Paid Search

This Marketing 360® carpet cleaning client discovered two tactics that lead to high conversion rates.

So you’re a local carpet cleaning service doing lead generation.  What are the two things you need to happen so you get the most high-quality leads?

First is you want people who need a carpet cleaner right now to call you.  They just found out their in-laws are visiting.  Last night’s wine party got out of hand.  The puppy and the baby decided to team up…well, you get the idea.

The second is you want people who’ve been looking at carpet cleaners for weeks – even months – to reach out to you.  These are the people who’ve researched long enough that they know the local businesses by name.  They’ve checked reviews, asked around, and have an idea of who they want to hire.

Let’s review the best tactics to reach each of these types of leads through a case study of a carpet cleaning service.


Call Only Campaigns

The ad that delivers the most conversions for this client on paid search is a call only ad (27.7% of conversions).

This is an ad that only shows up on mobile searches, and the call to action is the ad’s click to call button.  The lead doesn’t even navigate to the business website.  They just call right away.

The keyword strategy is to use “carpet cleaner” as a broad match.  This targets anyone looking for carpet cleaning who is also prepared to call a local business.

The goal here is to target the first type of lead we discussed.  This person has an immediate need and is ready to hire.

On call only, a conversion happens when the call is answered and the duration lasts the amount of time you specify.

The broad match “carpet cleaner” converts at 41.56%:

carpet cleaner marketing case study keyword data


The Branded Business Name

There are many service related terms that drive organic traffic to this site.  They rank for phrases around steam cleaning, duct cleaning, and mattress cleaning.

But a single keyword phrase accounts for 17.65%.  That phrase is the name of the business.

The second best phrase is “mattress cleaning”, which accounts for 10.46% of their traffic.

Furthermore, 19% of their conversions come from the direct/brand channel with this breakdown:

carpet cleaning marketing case study brand traffic data

All this together is organic traffic coming to the site from people who already know the business.  They know the name and website address.  They’re coming directly to the site.

And let’s not forget retargeting ads, which also drive traffic from people who previously visited the website.

As you no doubt gather, these tactics are drawing in traffic from the second target audience.  These are people who’ve been looking into getting their carpet cleaned and know the businesses by name.

Like the call only traffic, this traffic is valuable because hiring intent is so high.  When a person searches for a business by name and clicks through to the site, it’s usually because they’re ready to hire.  This traffic is typically the highest converting from the organic channel.

Strategically, this shows the importance of creating local brand recognition.  It ties into social media marketing.  In fact, this particular business has a “Like Us on Facebook” call to action on their homepage:

carpet cleaning site with facebook link

This also ties into the importance of reviews and reputation management.  We speculate that one reason for the increase in brand name traffic and conversions is that people check business reviews then come back when they’ve found a business they trust.

This business uses their Facebook page and Top Rated Local to get more business reviews, which is a fantastic tactic to associate trust with the business name.

The final results speak for themselves:

carpet cleaning case study conversion data

When you target intent accurately, you’ll always get higher conversion rates.  The key is to match intent with the right search tactic, as this case study shows.