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Business Class Marketing Support Small Businesses Can Afford

You’ve probably heard about how the internet can “even the playing field” for smaller businesses going up against large corporations.  It’s true that running an online marketing campaign is more feasible than expensive TV or radio ads of the past.  And there are more channels for a smaller business to exploit, such as social media or content marketing.

However, wearing all the hats of a digital marketing team can be all but impossible for the small business owner.  First, it’s a full-time job unto itself.  Second, finding one person who can execute both the concepts/messaging and technical/design areas of digital marketing is tough.  An in-house team is unaffordable, and dealing with multiple vendors leaves you with disconnect between strategies.

Sure, the playing field is more even.  If you can field a team in the first place.

Software, Clouds, and the All-In-One Internet Marketing Suite

On-Demand Marketing Services™ is built for the small business playing against the big boys.  Or for any business that needs an all-in-one suite of inbound marketing services but can’t afford in-house staff.

On-Demand Marketing Services™ uses the Marketing 360® software platform to provide an all-in-one suite of services through cloud computing.  Access designers, tech support, content writers, marketing consultants, and video creation on an as needed basis.  You can make requests through the cloud-based software platform anytime, anywhere.

This is like having the Yankees play for your company softball team.

Marketing Software–With the Human Touch

Software and cloud computing are efficient.  They save time and money. Automate processes and data aggregation.

But to execute a marketing plan you still need the expertise and insight only people can provide.

On-Demand Marketing Services™ is more than just software.  It’s certified experts in digital marketing–it’s consultation and analysis. In the end, data is useful only when it’s interpreted to make improvements.

Your customers don’t live in the cloud. They’re people.  You must understand their behavior and needs.

When you put technology together with expertise, you’re ready to play ball with anyone.